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A Mandolin Player's Guide To Jamming

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Joining a jam session can be intimidating. Presented here is everything a beginning or intermediate mandolin player needs to know to participate in a jam session. There are sections that describe how jam sessions work, and jam session etiquette. The book also describes the typical chords and keys for jamming, and describes right hand usage. A section is included on the role each instrument plays in bluegrass rhythm. A play-along audio is included with 9 typical bluegrass jam tunes. The tunes are played twice: once with the tune played on the left channel and a verbal description on the right channel, and once in stereo. Includes access to online audio.

eBook + Online Audio $9.99
Book + Online Audio $14.99

About the Author
About the CD
Anatomy of a Jam Session
Appendix 1 - Playing and Practicing Chords
Appendix 2 - Some Typical Guitar Chords
Appendix 3 - Resources
Appendix 4 - Some Rules for Jamming
Appendix 5 - CD Tunes
Chords and Keys for Jamming
Jamming Etiquette
Participating in a Jam Session
The Right Hand