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Fretboard Studies For The Improvising Mandolinist

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Fretboard Studies for the Improvising Mandolinist presents a collection of tools to help improve one's knowledge of the fretboard. Scales, arpeggios, patterns, intervallic exercises and progressions are included. Exercises help the player build muscle memory and musical ideas anywhere on the fretboard. A collection of tunes is also included. Connect the physical with the theoretical and become a better improviser!

eBook $19.99
Book $24.99

Keys - Circle of ths
Major Scale
Diatonic th Chords
Tremolo and Pick Direction
Exploring the Possibilities
Major Scales
Major Scales Octaves
Major Scales - Up One Key Down the Next
Major Scale Variations
Single String Exercises
Single String Scales
Single String Triplets
Single String Variations
String Exercises
Double Stops in rds and ths
String nd Interval Variation
String rd Interval Variation
String th Interval Variation
String th Interval Variation
String th Interval Variation
String Octave Variation
Diatonic th Chord Scales - Root Position
Diatonic th Chords Octaves, Start with st Finger
Diatonic th Chord Arpeggios, Start with rd Finger
Diatonic th Chord Arpeggios, Start with th Finger
Chromatic Scales
Diminished Scales and Variations
Half / Whole Step Diminished Scales, Arpeggios and Variations
Whole Tone Scale and Variations
Can’t You Hear
Blues in F
Bf Rhythm