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Celtic Mandolin Encyclopedia

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This comprehensive book contains over 120 Celtic tunes arranged for mandolin presented in standard notation and tablature. Includes airs, marches jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes, reels, strathspeys, country dances and selections by famed Irish harper, Turlough O'Carolan.

eBook $19.99
Book $24.99

A Galway Reel
Admiral Nelson
Bare Island
Black-Eyed Susan
Brian Boru's March
Byrne's Hornpipe
Captain O'kane
Carman's Jig
Carron Water
Colonel Mcbain
Deil Stick Da Minister
Do You Want Anymore?
Drocketty's March
Drops Of Brandy
Drowsy Maggie
Drummond Castle
Ellen O'grady
Fare Ye Well, Ballinderry
Farewell To Whisky
Father Kelly's
Fisher's Hornpipe
Fox Hunters Jig
From Galway To Dublin
Gallager's Lament
Glenlivet Whisky
Green Grow The Rushes
Hamilton House
Hardiman The Fiddler
Have A Drink On Me
Heilan Donald Kissed Kitty
Hon. Miss Elliot
Hon. Mrs. Campbell Of Lochnell
Jack Is Yet Alive
Johnnie In Nether Mains
Lamb Skinnet
Lament On Con O'leary's Wife's Death
Loch Earn
Loch Earn
Mac Gillamun's Oran Mor
Macpherson's Rant
Major Graham Of Inchbrakie
Mary , Young And Fair
Mary's Return
Meg Merrilees
Middling, Thank You
Milking Song
Miss Ann Cameron Of Balvenie
Miss Gayton
Miss Loudon
Miss Sally Hunter Of Thurston
Miss Sarah Drummond Of Perth
Molony's Reel
Mrs. Dundas Of Arniston
Murphy's Hornpipe
Nelson's Victory
Newcastle Bridge
O'donnell's March
O'dwyer's Hornpipe
Old Mother Flanagan
Paddy Ryan's Dream
Planxty Browne
Planxty Charles Coote
Planxty Edmond Dodwell
Princess Royal
Rose Acre
Sailor On The Rock
Shannon Breeze
Speed The Plough
Staten Island
The Banks Of Loch Ness
The Black Mill
The Blackthorn Stick
The Blast Of Wind
The Bow-Legged Bosun
The Boy's Of Tralee
The Braes O'mar
The Brig O'potarch
The Cairdin' O't
The College Hornpipe
The Cradle Song
The Deil Amang The Tailors
The Deuks Dang O'er My Daddie
The Devil's In The Kitchen
The East Neuk O'fife
The Eight And Fourty Sisters
The Ewie With The Crooked Horn
The Flowers Of Edinburgh
The Friar's Hill
The Fun At Donny Brook
The Green Fields To America
The Handsome Cabin Boy
The Harvest Home
The Hawk Hornpipe
The Haymakers
The High Level Hornpipe
The Hills Of Lorne
The Hurler's March
The Irishman's Toast
The Lady And The Farmer
The Last Of The Twins
The Lochmaben Hornpipe
The Madcap
The Maid Of Listowell
The Marchfield Brae Scots Measure
The Mountain Top
The Mummer's Jig
The Nameless Lassie
The Newcastle Hornpipe
The Perth Assembly
The Pipe In The Hob
The Price Of My Pig
The Redmoor Jig
The Reel Of Mullinavat
The Rose-Bud Of Allevalle
The Sail 'Round The Rocks
The Soldiers Joy
The Tinkers Wife
The Trip To Durrow
The Trumpet Hornpipe
Thompson's Reel
Tom Billy's Jig
Toss The Feathers