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1947 Martin 2-15 Mandolin Used

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This 1947 2-15 is in remarkable condition and is crack-free and completely original, including the pickguard and the engraved tailpiece cover, two things that often go missing on mandolins. Original tuners, nut, frets, and bridge, but note that the original tuner buttons were cracking from "celluloid rot" and were replaced . These Martin archtop mandolins have a great tone that's all their own, and this one has plenty of volume, but they're best appreciated by those who don't want every mandolin to sound like a Gibson F-5. Original Geib chipboard case is included and it's in equally fine condition.

C. F. Martin was late to the carved top/carved back mandolin party, introducing their first models in 1930 when the mandolin craze was already in decline. But as if to make up for their late start, Martin continued to make great quality f-hole mandolins after WWII that were every bit as good as models from the 1930s (something you can't say about Gibson). This model 2-15 from 1947, for example, is virtually identical to versions of this same model from 1936, when Martin first offered f-holes on their carved top mandolins (although the sunburst top is a lighter brown color). Maybe Bill Monroe didn't play one, but a Martin 2-15 was good enough for Ira Louvin, although he did give his fancy paint job to make it a better match to his embroidered stage suits.


UPC 60813
Year 1947
Top material Spruce
Fingerboard Ebony
Neck material Maple
Bridge Ebony
Scale length 13 3/4"
Nut width 1 1/8"
Serial number 18904
SKU MAR215-18904

The Gryphone Advantage: This instrument has been personally setup by a member of our repair staff. Gryphon’s sustained commitment to quality ensures that no instrument not at optimal playing condition is sold. This comes with a lifetime discount on future repair and customizations.

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