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Reading Standard Music Notation For Mandolin & Fiddle

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If you have tried and failed to learn to read standard music notation for the mandolin or fiddle using traditional methods or you have never tried and want to, this book is for you. Learn to play from music in the mandolin- and fiddle-friendly major keys of C, G, D, A, F, and B-flat and their relative minor keys. Also learn to play in various time signatures including 4/4 (common time), 2/2 (cut time), 3/4 (waltz), and 6/8 (jig). You will also be taught to recognize and play whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes. Audio Available for download online.

eBook + Online Audio $9.99
Book + Online Audio $14.99

Lessons 1 E, 2 A, 3 EA
Lessons 4 3rd, 5 All Four, 6 Lines, 7 Lines+
Lessons 8 1st Tune, 9 Review, 10 Note Types
Lessons 11 Keys, 12 Really Simple Gifts
Lesson 13 Fireball Mail
Lesson 14 Dotted Notes
Lesson 15 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Lessons 16 Angeline, 17 Key of D, 18
Lessons 19 Soldier’s Joy, 20 Liberty
Lessons 21 Inisheer, 22 How To Memorize
Lesson 23 Wind That Shakes the Barley
Lesson 24 Accidentals
Lesson 25 Key of A
Lesson 26 Devil’s Dream
Lesson 27 Miller’s Reel
Lesson 28 Jole Blon and Mixolydian
Lesson 29 Red Haired Boy
Lesson 30 Fingering
Lesson 31 The Black Rogue - Jig
Lesson 32 Key of F
Lesson 33 F Rag
Lesson 34 Beaumont Rag
Lesson 35 Fine and Other Directions
Lesson 36 Key of Bf
Lesson 37 Grey Eagle
Practice Tunes
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