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Vintage Mandolin/Guitar Pick From V-Picks

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1.5mm thick- 1-1/8" from tip to tip - Symmetrical

Quite possibly the BEST mandolin pick on the planet!

GREAT for guitar too.

3 symmetrical corners give this pick 3 times the life. We have added the V-PICKS Reference DOT so you always know exactly where your pick is and you can hold it the exact same way every time.

This pick is very fast and precise. Each point is shaped like the working end of a Fender pick. The remarkable thing about the symmetrical shape is that you never have to look down and see where your pick is pointed. This can be especially troublesome when you are a singer and instrumentalist. You ALWAYS have the working end of the pick pointed at your strings with the V-PICKS Vintage.

Just enough mids, but not over the top. Lots of bottom end and a sweet, smooth brightness. And, like all V-PICKS, very fast, precise action.

Again, perfect for mandolin and great for guitar as well.

And this new amber color we are working with is very visible. You could find this pick on multi colored carpet or a dark stage. It will find you!

We are very proud of the new V-PICKS Vintage and confident you are gonna LOVE it too!