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The Dawg Leash

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Many years ago while on tour in Europe and recovering from tendonitis, I had an epiphany. Several doctors and physical therapists had advised me to change my posture while playing - I had been using a strap over my right shoulder and they recommended centering it. As I walked through the streets of Brussels, I thought “What about a saxophone strap?” I immediately searched out a music store and bought one. After prying off its metal hook, the strap was left with a loop that I could fit over the scroll of my F5. Needless to say, it worked! Not only did it center the instrument, but it was perfectly balanced even when I wasn’t holding it.

Back in the states I asked my leather craftsmen friends, Jay and Mary Ceballos, if they could make me a more serviceable version and the Dawg Leash was born! Now we’re making these “leashes” available to all our scroll-style mandolin playing friends. The Dawg Leash is hand made by Jay and Mary with adjustable nylon and genuine American Bison leather. They measure approximately 20” in length. I’ve been using the leash for over 30 years now and love ‘em. We think you will too! - $60 + shipping.