various photos

  1. bowlback in need of repair; fretboard
  2. el degas 2-point, circa  1970. Spruce top, rosewood back and sides. Bought it for travel.
  3. "The Apollo". Probably a L&H made bowlback.
  4. back of the bowlback
  5. headstock.
  6. my Sweat Pea, on a camping trip.
  7. my "Apollo" bowlback. 24 ribs. Pleasing sound. i like to play old time on it, take it to the park and sit on a bench for an hour.  I'd guess it was...
  8. Headstock of my old Holoubek Fern
  9. I bought this Holoubek fern, my first nice F5, from a cafe member and played it for 3 years before passing it on to another member.
  10. My homemade four string mandolin.  Later I modified it with a bigger sound hole and by cutting out the length of neck that extended through the box. ...
  11. I built this fretless banjo using the leg of a broken Ikea chair for a neck and a 15 dollar hand drum as a pot.  It works!
  12. Jamming at Rockygrass, Lyons Colorado,  July 08
  13. summer 2005
  14. First sight of my Passernig, March 2007
  15. Our duo, "Dagnabit," plays a local market
  16. Playing my Passernig
  17. I built this cigar box octave mandolin for fun
  18. the neck of my Passernig after the varnish was removed
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