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  1. Carl Jones and Erynn Marshall Online Classes starts Feb 26, 2023

    by , Feb-20-2023 at 10:43am (Carl Jones Mandolin Workshop: Concert Window Jan 6, 1 PM EST)
    Where does a song or tune come from? That is a bit of a mystery which we all discover in different ways. Feel free to join me in my songwriting online classes (starting Feb 26 April 9… 2 - 3 pm Eastern Standard Time) where we will spark each other into songdom and unravel a bit of life’s mysteries along the way. Or you can get some mando insights
    Tuesdays Feb 28 - Apr 4, Mando-mazing! (Carl) 7:30pm-8:30pm EST. Always more to learn and to uncover about new ways to look at things you already ...
  2. Mandolin Mondays #373 w/ Special Guest Scott Liebers

    This week on Mandolin Mondays we're joined by mandolin luthier and player Scott Liebers from Minnesota playing an original tune called "Sawdust in the Frying Pan" on his very first octave mandolin build.

    Scott became a mandolin player via violin and guitar from an early age. "Mandolin seemed like the logical next step," he says. He was a recording engineer for Minnesota Public Radio for 10 years and spent ...