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  1. MAS...a sickness for which there is no cure (Part II)

    When we last joined out hero he had turned his back on an exquisite tenor banjo, and was looking for a trade that would bring a new National RM-1 mandolin into the fold. What happened?

    MAS is nearly impossible to control...especially when a cool new instrument is involved. After finding the RM-1 I knew I was hooked. There's not many of these available, and it takes National about 6 months to deliver one once they are ordered.

    Unlike older vintage models, these mandolins ...
  2. Making a Mandolin De-Damping Machine

    Have you ever had a mandolin go to sleep on you, or wished the break-in process for a new mandolin (that still thinks it's a tree) could go a little faster? Did you ever get a vintage instrument that spent a few years in a closet, attic, or under a bed?

    The only solution for this is to play the heck out of the mandolin until it comes back to life. But what if you don't have the time, or are too impatient to wait for it to wake up? This is where the mystical and mysterious would of ...
  3. Done already?!?

    Just got an email that the refret, with fingerboard press to get it flat (apparently it was a bit of a bugger), is almost completed. Wow! After the Bill Graham article I was expecting this to drag on for a bit. Really, I was expecting an email when he was about to start working and decide things like fret size, etc., at which point I was going to remind him about the neck shave (which I thought I had agreed to, but it was in an earlier stage of emails and was easily enough forgotten, thus my plan ...

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  4. New Toys: Update #2

    Ok. I think I got the Flanger dialed in

    Settings (l to r):
    Manual (tone center): 11:30
    Res (resolution; amt of effect in output signal): 9 o'clock
    Depth: 1 o'clock
    Rate: 10 o'clock
    Mode: Generally set to Standard, but I can give it a quick flip to Ultra for sick flange.

    The effect is a nice wash that imparts a sort of a wahwah effect if you strum the strings dry (no chord or notes).

    The best way to find the ...

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  5. New Toys: Update #1

    I have the Chorus unit dialed in. Got a Pretenders/Heartbreakers kind of chime to it now. My wife is happy with it.

    I was doing some fingerpicking on the Altered Tele and it sounded great. Just going from Tele to Chorus to amp with nothing else on it. I thikn this box likes the broader tonal range of a guitar sized instrument rather than the narrowed range of the Mando(la)bird. But then again it could be the pick ups.

    Rate = 11 o'clock ...
  6. And You Think You'd Like To Run a Message Board...

    I'm a realist. Not everyone is going to be able to operate a personal computer. It's just that simple. It's beyond many. But don't think intelligence or lack thereof determines one's ability. It doesn't. Being employed in higher education in an IT role for close to 15 years now, I've learned a simple fact: with education, with knowledge, with intelligence, with the most brilliant mind, none of this guarantees competence in operating a PC.

    How do I define competence? I expect:

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  7. New Toys

    Thanks to my wife I was able to replace the old Digitech Stereo Chorus/Flanger with a pair of Boss pedals that fit better into my Boss pedal board. She got me a CE-3 chorus unit and a BF-3 flanger unit.

    So the signal chain goes:
    1) input to BCB-60 pedal board
    2) TU-12H tuner
    3) SD-1 overdrive unti
    4) CE-3 Chorus
    5) BF-3 Flanger
    6) RC-220XL Loop Station
    7) output to Ampeg J-12T

    The board is cleaner and prettier (the metalic ...
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  8. Mandolins on airplanes

    On the outset, let me get this out: I am not talking abut bringing my mandolin on the plane--its still at the luthier's. If you want such chat, do a search on the forums. Its been discussed to death in several threads. I'm talking instead about how thoughts about mandolins helped me pass the time on my flight to my 15th anniversary getaway in the South Pacific.

    The first leg of the flight went over the luthier's region--odds are we did not go over the house, at least not directly. ...
  9. Merry Christmas

    I'm really glad I grew up in the era preceding the advent of the internet or I would have been
    tracking Santa Claus all day every Christmas Eve!

    Merry Christmas to you all and I hope Santa brings you cool new mandolin items!

  10. Thanks to Gibson

    First time blogger here, just want the mandolin world to know how happy I am with my new (7 months old, now) Gibson F5G. I've heard and played quite a few mandolins, and when I played this one, I could not believe the tone and volume. Merry Christmas to all and a special thank you, goes out to all involved at Gibson.

    Gary Weber in Delaware