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  1. Mandolin Mondays #225 w/ Special Guest AJ Lee

    California's own AJ Lee brings us a special Mandolin Mondays video this week with an original tune played on her 2001 Ray Webber mandolin.

    AJ Lee is a singer, songwriter, and mandolinist who has been the darling of the North Bay, California bluegrass scene since her first appearance in Santa Cruz. Her bluegrass band Blue Summit draws influences from swing, folk, blues, jazz, country, soul, and rock. Their undeniable talent ...
  2. Carl Jones & Erynn Marshall are now on Patreon!

    by , Apr-23-2020 at 10:57am (Carl Jones Mandolin Workshop: Concert Window Jan 6, 1 PM EST)
    I am sending a big “Homebound Howdy” out to all mandolin pickers and enthusiasts from myself and my wife, Erynn Marshall. We are staying to home as I hope you all are able to do as well, riding out this extreme situation we find ourselves in. All our musician buddies have had their income “rug” pulled out from under them— gigs and concerts cancelled for many months and others postponed beyond that. It is inspiring to see how friends are helping each other out by sharing posts and doing live broadcasts ...
  3. Mandolin Mondays #224 w/ Special Guest Ariel Wyner

    The Ruta Beggars mandolinist Ariel Wyner joins us on Mandolin Mondays this week to play some rag music on his powerful Ellis A model mandolin.

    Ariel was originally a classically trained opera singer who turned mandolinist after issues with vocal consistency. He now performs full time with The Ruta Beggars--a band brought together at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in by their passion for bluegrass. The group infuses ...
  4. Mandolin Mondays #223 w/ Special Guest Dorina Frati

    Italian classical mandolin maestro Dorina Frati joins us this week for Mandolin Mondays with a beautiful performance of Victor Kioulaphides' “Idillio“ played on her Calace Raffaele Modello Classico A mandolin.

    Now considered one of the greatest contemporary classical virtuosos of the mandolin, Dorina Frati began studying the instrument at the age of six. When Italy’s first chair of mandolin was founded at the Conservatory ...
  5. Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen Hot Sauces and Dry Marinades

    Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen Hot Sauces and Dry Marinades

    Spending a lot more time at home of late? Cooking better fare as part of the new reality to fill in idle time? Yea, same here. I'm afraid there will be plenty more. Here's a diversion I really enjoyed. Maybe you can too in the near future.

    Grammy nominated mandolinist and vocalist Frank Solivan of Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen is well known for his outstanding cooking skills and has been known to hold a house concert and then provide a feast for ...

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  6. Mandolin Mondays #222 w/ Special Guest Mandolin Rajesh

    This week on Mandolin Mondays Mandolin Rajesh, one of the premier mandolinist of India, graces us with a beautiful improvisation over his brother U. Shrinivas' composition with his custom 5-string electric mandolin.

    Uppalapu Rajesh aka "Mandolin Rajesh" is an Indian mandolin player in Carnatic classical music, a music producer and a composer. He is one of the most sought after classical artists currently in India, ...
  7. Mandolin Mondays #221 w/ Special Guest Caleb Lindsey

    Caleb Lindsey of the Lindsey Family band joins us this week on Mandolin Mondays for a few passes on the old "Panhandle Rag" with his trusty Weber Bitterroot F model.

    Caleb began playing guitar at age six and mandolin a few years later. Mandolin has become his featured instrument. He's played with his family in the Lindsey Family Band since the beginning, and since then they've released a host of studio albums and made appearances ...
  8. My Mandolin and my Song for Solo Mandolin

    Hello Everybody,

    here I show you my own Composition of a Song called “Haus 13".
    Enjoy it and be carefully!

  9. Mandolin Mondays #220 w/ Special Guest Bryce Milano

    Rising young mandolin star, Bryce Milano plays a special composition for all of us quarantined at home this Mandolin Monday. Let the lovely sound of Bryce on this 2005 M01 two point built by Michael Heiden inspire us to get back to the mando wood shed this week with all our extra free time.

    Bryce is a self proclaimed "multi-mandolinstrumentalist and songwriter" from Philadelphia, PA. He picked ...
  10. Flatiron Mandolin Revamp

    Here is a nice old Flatiron from a player in NJ who figures he’s going to be spending a lot more time with his mando and wanted it to play it’s best. He got a plane and re-fret, nut bone nut, new bridge, and as long as it was in the shop, added a scallop and custom inlay. Check out the great engraving job Bill did on the new James Tailpiece!

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