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  1. What does one do with a mandolin?

    I mean in terms of activity - what does your mandolinning consist of?

    Let me back up.

    Lots of threads about practicing, and how much time should be spent practicing, and how to parse the practice time out effectively – exercises, working on specific difficulties, working on new tunes, maintaining old tunes, learning some music theory – all that stuff.
    And the discussions are all very good, useful and informative, and even entertaining.

    I think, ...

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  2. It happens all the time...

    You can see it in the customer’s eyes – wanting to be alone with the new acquisition. Just bought a guitar, or a mandolin, whatever. With case, spare set of strings, some picks. A strap maybe. And then it’s the yearning for alone time. To get home and spend time alone and get to know my instrument. Yearning to launch the adventure, questioning “did I do ok?” and “will I do ok?” Getting to know, getting familiar, working on looking good with, doing well with, getting on with…

    And that ...

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  3. Three Ways our Forum Allows You to Share Your Music

    Our Forum software has great tools we've developed to help you share your music. You can talk all you want about music, but sharing sound files takes it another step! For the purposes of this article we're just going to concentrate on MP3s with a quick tutorial on adding SoundCloud clips.

    Upload MP3s to our Forum space

    Go into Advanced Posting Mode just like you're making a post, select the Paper Clip icon then select and upload your MP3 from your computer desktop which ...

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  4. Da Capo Alba / Mango . Pirates and Penguins

    Please check out and hear excerpts from the CD.
    Da Capo Alba is the adult orchestra of the Lanarkshire Guitarist and Mandolin Association and Mango is the youth orchestra based in East Kilbride ,Scotland.
    The album Pirates and Penguins was studio recorded and the sound quality is exceptional.
    Check out Pirates of the Caribbean and Song of Japanese Autumn.
    Scottish mandolin it's who play more than jigs and reels.
    You should check it out
  5. Two essential fake books for swing & jazz players

    If the time has come where you've progressed to the point where you'd like to step into the world of Major 6ths, 7ths, diminished chords and beyond, there are two essential fake books that have made appearances at various times on this Forum I thought worth parking here in a little more visible spot.

    Both are free, and they're well done.

    A fake book for those of you who might be unfamiliar is a very basic sketch of a tune. Chords and a lead line in standard notation. ...
  6. Trying to find out what I have

    Hi, everyone,

    Need to qualify that I am not a musician, just trying to find out what I have bought so that I can resell. Micheal Kelly W/ Micheal Kelly hard case. Serial # 230340 Model F-FF. Man was needing money and left this Mandolin at his friend's barber shop where I also get my haircuts. Trying to help him out, if I lose money no matter. I am an Ebay seller of pocket watches, so was going to list there. Need the correct facts to list. Thanks for any info it will be much appreciated. ...
  7. Kits vs. Scratch Builds--to start?

    There's a continuum that runs from buying a mandolin someone else built, through kits, and over to cutting down a tree. And kits are along the near-buying-ready-made end of the spectrum. All that's true.

    And it's certainly true that people who cut down the trees and mill the lumber and then cut and plane the lumber and then get out their fingerplanes to further plane down the wood etc ... you guys are pretty damn impressive woodworkers.

    But it's also true that ...
  8. Rob Meldrums Mandolin setup Guide

    Thank You Rob for such a wonderful setup book.You have made My Mandolin playable!!! Sincerely, Dave Mullen Woodstock Ct.
  9. On Playing Other Instruments before the Mandolin (Gasp!)

    Note: I wrote this in reference to a thread in which advice was given about where to begin to learn the mandolin. It so happened that the individual who started the thread had been a guitar player first, a not to uncommon place to begin.

    The mandolin is truly its own unique and special instrument. Whether first a guitar player or not, it is a great joy to begin to play and forge a life playing. It is not a negative thing about the mandolin to suggest that it has similarities ...
  10. Isn't it Time You Listened to Bach on Mandolin?

    The music of the "old master" as some affectionately refer to him - Johann Sebastian Bach - has received a lot of well deserved attention of late from the mandolin world. Sure, we've played and recorded his music for years, but it's hard to ignore three important Bach projects in the past 18 months by some pretty big names. Like Thile, Marshall, Avital, Lichtenberg. I suspect many of you have not heard a note from a single one of these. Many of you have though, and a few of you probably have all ...