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Recording a mandolin CD

I'm immersed in a new recording project, of traditional tunes, focused on my own mandolin playing, with contributions from several other fine players. My own background includes a lot of electronic and conceptual music production, and i plan to incorporate a liberal use of MIDI, and other digital techniques of looping and layering. Maybe because i have used these digital techniques for so many years, i don't it's anything unusual to employ them with Scottish, Irish, and Appalachian tunes.

I thought I'd start a blog to discuss all aspects of the process including the difficult choice of repertoire, some of the unique recording techniques, plus thoughts about tune origins, and recording traditional music without a traditional band.

It's a challenge to find a way to put my own stamp on these tunes, yet do so in a way that respects the original melody and meter. My commercial objective is get traditionalists to listen, and to draw in a wider listening audience from my established techno and conceptual base.

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