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  1. Mike Marshall's Avatar
    Actually 4:26 is a G over F. But that one at 4:35... EbMaj#11 heading to another G7????
    Oh that darn J.S.
  2. Mike Marshall's Avatar
    I always call YOU when I've got questions about those altered dominants! DANG@!
    We'll discuss in Benicia ok?
  3. EvanElk's Avatar
    just great to hear and to watch you play that iconic instrument!
  4. Ranger Bob's Avatar
    Hoo boy, my hand hurt just watching this! Stunning display of talent and technique.
  5. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    Thanks for this, Mike! Those are some big stretches played with perfect timing and precision.
  6. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Beautiful piece, beautifully played!! Wow! That cello has such a beautiful voice! Thank you for sharing!
  7. Don Stiernberg's Avatar
    what's that jazz chord at 4:26? m9 or...?
  8. Denny Gies's Avatar
  9. Scot63's Avatar
    That was really wonderful and expressive. Does anyone outside a basketball court have hands as big as Mike Marshall's?
  10. Tim Roberts's Avatar
    Beautiful, Mike! Thanks for keeping Bach in our ears, and for the decades of your leading the way for so many of us!
  11. Jim Garber's Avatar
    Incredible! And what exquisite music to wake up to on a cold Monday. Big thanks to Mike and Dave and Scott.
  12. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
  13. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Bostin tune that, David. Some Celtic flavors in there, too!
  14. desertnight's Avatar
    Nice tune David. great changes.
  15. Alfons's Avatar
    Hey, not bad for a guitar player! I am guessing that the spirit of Berry Selles finds that to be a fine tribute indeed - I certainly do. Dad's mando sounds pretty darn good too. Thanks for this fine exposition.
  16. Denny Gies's Avatar
    Well done, fun tune
  17. Hubs's Avatar
    Very nice, thanks from Austria!
  18. chasray's Avatar
    a happy way to start the day!
  19. cayuga red's Avatar
    Great tune and wonderful playing! And what a mandolin!
  20. ForestWalker's Avatar
    Hey Jared, you and your Apitius are sounding great! Brant in Nashville
  21. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Bach! What a master!! Great playing and adaptation for this piece! Thanks for sharing!!
  22. cayuga red's Avatar
    Really impressive performance. Thanks for posting.
  23. Alfons's Avatar
    Nicely done! Great tone you're getting out of that Apitius. I've always that that was a great organ piece, now I know it's a great mandolin piece as well.
  24. Alfons's Avatar
    Ah, I always love your treatments. I think I'll just listen to that a few more times...
  25. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Aaron, you are also the cat's pajamas. Bostin!
  26. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Aaron and David!
  27. lukmanohnz's Avatar
    Aaron, you are simply the catís meow. Phenomenal - thank you!
  28. William Smith's Avatar
    What a fabulous, toned Dola! Gnarly indeed Mike, that one is a keeper, no doubts here!
  29. Alfons's Avatar
    Beautiful - in addition to just really enjoying the tune, I was struck by how intentional and clean sounding all those notes were. Thanks for that fine gift.
  30. grassrootphilosopher's Avatar
    What a beautiful sound the mandola produces. And the hybrid picking is quite exquisite too.
  31. Baron Collins-Hill's Avatar
    Amazing hybrid picking!
  32. Brian Ebie's Avatar
    I've listened to Mike's "The Water is Wide" on Mandolin Mondays #187 countless times, and am happy to see him back on MM. Thanks for another beautiful tune!
  33. Denny Gies's Avatar
  34. cayuga red's Avatar
    A lovely tune. In his hands, the mandola has gorgeous tone.
  35. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    A Beautiful waltz beautifully played!!! Thank you, Mike and David, for sharing!
  36. Lorraine Fox's Avatar
    I have been going to the AMGuSS for years. We learn about 6 pieces, classical and choro, get one-on-one studies, small group studies, large group studies, then preform in public as an orchestra. Guitars players also welcomed. I look forward to the following year
  37. Nick Royal's Avatar
    Marilynn Mair also runs a really good classical music camp each summer in Bristol, RI. It's called AMGuSS,
    American Mandolin and Guitar Summer School. Lots of classal music during the day; jamming and socializing each evening. If you read music, or want to learn, a great summer camp.
  38. Alfons's Avatar
    Very nice! Love the sound you get out of that mando too.
  39. Alfons's Avatar
    Interesting tune, well played! Thanks for sharing.
  40. MandolinMattNorman's Avatar
    Thanks. I made the bass banjo myself from half a bass drum, a bass guitar next and a few bits I bought from the local agricultural merchants. It works surprisingly well.
    Quote Originally Posted by rnjl
    Beautiful playing! But what is that Fender-headed banjstrosity in the background?
  41. MandolinMattNorman's Avatar
    Thanks for your comment and the plug for my album Mr Onion's Serenade. However there is no multi-tracking on this recording, just me playing several strings at the same time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anglocelt
    What a treat! Mandoline music from across Europe and the USA played with zip and gusto (as they might have said 100 or so years ago from whence these tunes originate). The multi-tracked mando band backing comes across really well. Immense credit to Mr Norman. If only there was a CD to buy.
  42. bbcee's Avatar
    Speechless and drooling ...

    So funny that us mandolin players approach the m'cello like, "Ooo, the stretches are too much!", and Jake comes along and burns the barn down cause he finds it a comfy instrument.

    Many happy years with that beaut, Jake!
  43. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    WOW!!! That is amazing. Some serious finger stretching and quick forearms! Thanks, Jake, for sharing!
  44. EvanElk's Avatar
    That was damn good
  45. musicofanatic's Avatar
    My first exposure to him was he and brother Carter playing in a trio with Andy Statman this past summer...they all knocked me out!
  46. Nick Royal's Avatar
    He brings an old instrument alive!
  47. mingusb1's Avatar
    Wearin it out, man!!
  48. Alfons's Avatar
    Yeah, MAN! I'm sure at a hundred and one, that mandocello is now looking forward to some fun and interesting playing. Glad to hear that it's in good hands. Look forward to your next visit.
  49. cayuga red's Avatar
    Fantastic playing on a wonderful instrument. And what a likable guy. Thanks for posting!
  50. Cary Fagan's Avatar
    Love it!
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