• New Music - Jazz Mandola, by Paul Bernstein

    Jazz Mandola, by Paul Bernstein

    Paul Bernstein has announced the release of his new project entitled Jazz Mandola, a collection of all original compositions and one Benny Goodman and Charlie Christian cover.

    Don Stiernberg calls it "the next great jazz mandolin recording." He also makes a guest appearance on the project, featuring original compositions primarily for the four-string electric mandola, ranging in influences from Benny Goodman to Herbie Hancock and Horace Silver, from Brazilian and Afro-Cuban to Japanese traditional scales and a jazz Sonata form. Paul plays in a variety of formats, from piano duets to full-fledged arrangements with a jazz rhythm section (including horns and vocalist ), from Cuban son to an acoustic mandolin blowout with Donnie and Tom Bekeny. The recording was produced by Dan Feiszli and Jeff Massanari.

    About the project Bernstein told us, "This project originated during the Covid pandemic. I spent that time at the computer studying jazz composition with Frank Martin, taking Zoom lessons from Jeff Massanari, and jamming with musicians around the world on Jamkazam. Even now, every Friday afternoon, I play music over a 6,000-mile connection with Kei Iwazaki, a pianist from Japan now living in Germany and featured on two tracks here."

    The recording is released at the same time as a companion book, The Musician's Tao Te Ching: Ancient Wisdom For Finding the Good Notes, a reinterpretation of the ancient Chinese manual for life as applied to music. Says William Martin, author of The Sage's Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for the Second Half of Life and other reinterpretations in the series, "In this lovely book, Paul Bernstein invites the musician to a magnificent task — that of presenting music's harmonies, dissonances, and melodies in such a way that the inexpressible Tao reaches directly into our senses, bypassing the mental filters that rob it of its Tao-ness."


    From the recording, the track "The French King's Son Throws a Ball."

    Track Listing

    • The Bridge With the Wrong Name (in memory of John Lewis)
    • Little White Lie (from a poem by Ernest Ochoa)
    • Paulmieri en Cuba
    • The French King's Son Throws a Ball
    • A Smooth One
    • Silver Lining
    • Cinko
    • On a Bus to Rio
    • Sonata
    • Yona Nuki

    Additional Information

    The Musician's Tao Te Ching: Ancient Wisdom For Finding the Good Notes[
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    1. BillWilliams's Avatar
      BillWilliams -
      Lives up to the claim "the next great jazz mandolin recording".
    1. DougC's Avatar
      DougC -
      The audio is amazing. Very Hi-fi. And yea, it could be the next great mandolin recording. Good work!
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Bostin! Congratulations on this new recording.