• New Music - Across the Great Divide, Vol. 1, by Ethan Setiawan

    Across the Great Divide, Vol. 1, by Ethan Setiawan

    PORTLAND, MAINE — Ethan Setiawan has announced a January 24 release date for Across The Great Divide, Vol. 1 on Adhyâropa Records.

    On Across the Great Divide, Vol. 1, Setiawan showcases a collection of compositions that dip into ambient music and stem from field recordings collected across the American West, all while continuing to put the mandolin in the fore.

    Work on the project was started during the pandemic on a road trip across the entire United States where he took field recordings at parks, forests, lakes, and rivers along the way, using elements like water and wind to create sound. The eventual goal was to write tunes that incorporated these field recordings in a compositional way rather than using them purely as textural elements. Beyond that, there was no concrete vision as to what the process would look like or how the music would turn out, which in the end created something that sits together as if it were made to do so, which it was. It's a collection of music that evokes the grandeur, vast expanses, and seeming agelessness of the Western United States.

    Setiawan plays all instruments on the recording mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, 5 string electric mandocello, guitar, cello, keyboard and bass drum. The project also allowed him the opportunity to explore production, try everything, and then make decisions on what stays or goes. Because the bulk of the work on the record was done during the pandemic, he was able to take his time and do it how he wanted to, and in a way where he could learn something from it. "The fact that one mind is driving all the decisions means that similar choices get made across a collection of music, for better or worse. Hopefully rather than being stale, it means that there's an underlying thread that holds the whole thing together," he explains.


    From the album, the opening track, "Boundless."

    Track Listing

    • Boundless
    • Joyner Ridge
    • Stumped
    • Straight Lines
    • Green's Park
    • Crowded Waterfalls

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    1. tmsweeney's Avatar
      tmsweeney -
      Very Cool.
      Jozef Scheiner has done some similar stuff using mandolin and other acoustic stringed instruments with percussion and natural sounds.
      I hear strains of Eno, Music for Films, Another Green World
      I'd like to see that 5 string electric mandocello