• New Music - The Don Stiernberg Quartet: The Swingin'est

    The Don Stiernberg Quartet: The Swingin'est

    SKOKIE, IL — Don Stiernberg has announced the release of his latest project, The Don Stiernberg Quartet , The Swingin'est.

    About the project, Don told us, "The Don Stiernberg Quartet rides again! Back in the early summer we found a week in July when we were all in town at the same time. Kind of crazy, friends and colleagues for decades, we even live within a couple miles of each other, but these other guys are BUSY! It hit me that if I didn't record during that July week I wouldn't have an album done in 2023! So in we went for a few days to track this bunch of swinging jazz numbers, and it felt good. Seems as if with each successive album we get closer to a live feel in the studio. In fact there's virtually no overdubbing on this one. Most of the mandolin solos came out as complete in the studio.

    "Speaking of mandolins, I used 3: the Nugget 2-point on 5 tunes, the Apitius Yorkville Jazz on two tunes, and the Stevens electric five-string Paul Glasse Model on four tunes. Andy Brown played acoustic guitar on all but four tunes. We even got my old pal Steve Rashid to play piano on one, in addition to recording, mixing, producing and mastering.

    "Tunes are either things I've wanted to record forever, or have been teaching or playing on stage recently. Those bebop tunes and the ones played on the electric felt like pushing ahead to me, lots of fun to try and surprised by ideas that came out that I don't think I had played before. Of course when you look at the tunelist they're mostly what we fondly call the hard swing, hence the title."


    From the recording, the opening track "The Best Things In Life Are Free."

    Track Listing

    • The Best Things In Life Are Free
    • Sweet Chorus
    • Come Fly with Me
    • Detour Ahead
    • It Could Happen to You
    • Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
    • Our Love Is Here to Stay
    • Four Brothers
    • The Feeling of Jazz
    • The Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)
    • Bop Ag'in

    The Musicians

    • Don Stiernberg - acoustic and electric mandolin
    • Andy Brown - acoustic and electric guitar
    • Jim Cox - acoustic upright bass
    • Phil Gratteau - drums
    • Steve Rashid - piano on "The Feeling of Jazz"

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    1. danielpatrick's Avatar
      danielpatrick -
      Congratulations on what is sure to be another stellar release, Don!
    1. Mike Marshall's Avatar
      Mike Marshall -
      There goes our Dear Donnie!!!
    1. John Soper's Avatar
      John Soper -
      Sounds Great, Don!
    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
      Wonderful music, Don. And the cover is the coolest ever! Go Cubs!
    1. BillWilliams's Avatar
      BillWilliams -
    1. Rick Jones's Avatar
      Rick Jones -
      Just listed while cooking dinner. Fantastic stuff, as always. Thanks, Don!
    1. CES's Avatar
      CES -
      Y’all killing it…
    1. sgosnell's Avatar
      sgosnell -
      I love Andy Brown's playing, both with Don and his more usual jazz gigs with his Gibson Tal Farlow. The entire group is first-rate.