• Anonymous Donor Enters into Agreement with CBA Lending Library, The Mandolin Store and Eastman

    Anonymus Donor Strikes Agreement with CBA Lending Library, The Mandolin Store and Eastman

    An anonymous donor and long-time member of the Mandolin Cafe Community has entered into an agreement with the California Bluegrass Association Kids Instrument Lending Program to make quarterly donations (and sometimes more often) of instruments and accessories matching their needs.

    The donor, working cooperatively with The Mandolin Store and Eastman Mandolins has procured an Eastman MD315 F-style mandolin (retail price $919) as the first donated instrument.

    CBA Lending Program Director Sharon Khadder told us, "With bluegrass being the primary focus of our program, F-style mandolins are always in high demand. Our donor is working cooperatively with The Mandolin Store and Eastman and their collective support is a true blessing. The donor also expressed an interest in obtaining a mandola and mandocello or octave mandolin in the future. With the diversity of interests of the young musicians we support we applaud this."

    Zach Vance of The Mandolin Store added, "This is a super cool project we're totally behind. When we were packing up the mandolin to ship it yesterday we included some gig bags, polish cloths, mandolin straps, picks, and some miscellaneous strings. We're proud to be a part of this ongoing collaboration."

    Donating and Borrowing from the Lending Library

    Donations are always welcome and, of course, essential. Donations of instruments or accessories are tax deductible because of our 501(c)3 status. We will send a letter of acknowledgement but setting an estimated value of the donation is the responsibility of the donor. NOTE: monetary donations can be made from the page linked at the bottom of this article.

    Cash donations will be used towards buying instruments and accessories.

    The Lending Library librarian is Sharon Khadder.

    Requirements for borrowing an instrument are few: parents must be a current CBA member and must arrange for pickup with our librarian. We encourage the child with the instrument to attend one of our festivals each year and check in with us to see if the instrument is still in good playing condition and is being used. Many families check out a number of instruments until they find the instrument their child wants to play.

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    1. JEStanek's Avatar
      JEStanek -
      Thank you to the donor. That's a wonderful program to support.

    1. CES's Avatar
      CES -
      Thatís awesome news! Many thanks to the donor!!
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Excellent news, and very generous of the donor.
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      No one should be under the impression because one person stepped up in a big way that the CBA Lending Library is flush with instruments. It's an in demand program and they also need banjos, guitars, fiddles, bass, and always have a wait list for mandolins, too. You can donate, all you have to do is ask.

      If in doubt, the Mandolin Cafe is happy to get you in touch with the people that operate this marvelous resource.
    1. tuhker's Avatar
      tuhker -
      Wonderful news.
    1. Brinckam's Avatar
      Brinckam -
      this support helps make music more accessible to children. Bravo!
    1. Mandophile's Avatar
      Mandophile -
      This is our future! investing will mean that the mandolin will always be there! Thank you to all the donors.