• Gold Tone Announces New Mastertone F-10: 10-String F-Style Mandolin

    Gold Tone Mastertone F-10: 10-String F-Style Mandolin

    TITUSVILLE, FLA. — Gold Tone Music Group has announced the availability of their new Mastertone F-10: 10-String F-Style Mandolin with case, retailing for $799.99.

    This ten-string mandolin adds the low C strings of a mandola to the mandolin to open more paths of expression. The larger F-style mandola body allows the low strings to develop their full sonority without losing the brilliance of the high strings. The F-10 is equipped with Gold Tone's patented Zero Glide nut, a radiused rosewood fingerboard, a two-way adjustable truss-rod, a solid spruce top, a bridge-mounted transducer pickup and gold-plated hardware. Included is a rigid foam Cordura-covered case.



    • Nut Width - 1-1/2" ZeroGlide Nut


    • Fingerboard - Radiused Rosewood
    • Inlay - Dot
    • Truss Rod - Two-Way Adjustable
    • Frets - 21
    • Material - Maple


    • Back & Sides - Maple
    • Finish - Sunburst / Satin
    • Tailpiece - Trapeze Tailpiece
    • Binding - Cream ABS
    • Hardware - Gold Plated
    • Top - Solid Spruce


    • Scale Length - 15-1/4"
    • Weight - 3.5 lbs.


    • Pickups - Bridge Mounted Transducer
    • String Gauge - .008, .008, .014, .014, .026w, .026w, .035w, .035w, .052w, .052w
    • Case - Included Hard Foam
    • Tuning - CGDAE

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    1. cayuga red's Avatar
      cayuga red -
      Great sounding mando!!! This should be a big seller.
    1. Tom Wright's Avatar
      Tom Wright -
      I played one pf these today. Tone is ok, but the layout is not ideal. The fingerboard is flat, the neck widens too much for me. String spacing at the bridge is rather wide. The body is usefully wider, helping projection. Still kind of shallow tone in the low notes, but the stronger midrange response should help it be heard on the C course. E was a bit thin in tone. But that is why folks pay the big bucks for luthier-built mandolins.

      Props to GoldTone for stepping into the 10-string market! Now offer an electric.
    1. Flattpicker's Avatar
      Flattpicker -
      Can anyone weigh in on how the F-10 compares (soundwise) to the Goldtone Mandola?