• New Music from Acoustic Disc - Dawgnilo, Danilo Brito and David Grisman

    Dawgnilo, Danilo Brito and David Grisman

    PORT TOWNSEND, WASH. — Acoustic Disc has announced the release of Dawgnilo by Danilo Brito and David Grisman.

    The vibrant music on Dawgnilo! showcases two legendary artists in a Pan American mandolin summit. Danilo Brito, the Brazilian master of choro music and Bluegrass Hall of Famer, David "Dawg" Grisman have been friends and mutual admirers since meeting at the Mandolin Symposium in 2009. This studio recording features this dynamic duo in a program of traditional Brazilian classics and original compositions, including new pieces by both Dawg and Danilo, accompanied by members of their respective ensembles from Brazil and the United States.

    Mandolin virtuoso Mike Marshall wrote in his notes to the project, "You'll find here a wonderful collection of tunes that combine their individual traditions, seamlessly bouncing in and out of each other's melodic and rhythmic worlds, the beautiful crashing together of musical languages. These two have done it with great style, respect and grace. Thank you Dawg! Thank you Danilo!"


    From the album, the opening track, "Danilo Boone."

    Track Listing

    • Danilo Boone
    • Migalhas de Amor
    • Assanhado
    • Tracy’s Tune
    • Chega de Saudade
    • Dawgalypso
    • Carinhoso
    • In Santa Cruz
    • Learned Pigs
    • Feitico
    • Gypsy Nights
    • Perpetual Dawg

    The Musicians

    • Danilo Brito - mandolin, tenor guitar
    • David Grisman - mandolin
    • Carlos Moura - 7-string acoustic guitar
    • Guilherme Girardi - acoustic guitar
    • Danny Barnes - 5-string banjo (8,12)
    • Sam Grisman - bass (1,4,6,9,11,12)
    • Tracy Grisman - bass (8)
    • Rinaldo Zamai - bass (2,3,5,7,10)

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