• Breedlove Suspends USA Mandolin Production for 2016

    NOTE: yesterday the Mandolin Cafe published this article in advance of today's formal Breedlove announcement. What follows is their official press release in full on the matter of them moving mandolin production overseas.

    Breedlove to focus on manufacturing and process layout.

    Bend, Ore. — Kim Breedlove has a passion for bringing creativity and design to acoustic stringed instruments. Two decades ago, he and his brother, Larry, redefined the shape, construction, sound and feel of the guitar. Later, Kim became fascinated with the mandolin. Not a traditionalist, he wanted to design the ideal mandolin for the guitar player who wants to cross over. Mandolins have been a staple of the Breedlove product line since 1997. Handcrafted in the same Bend, Oregon workshop as the acoustic guitars, Breedlove expanded the line to include a Crossover line in 2014 produced overseas.

    In 2016, Breedlove Stringed Instruments will be suspending their production of U.S.A. built mandolins. "We are currently in the process of restructuring our manufacturing layout to improve efficiencies and keep cost down," says Miles Benefield, Production Manager. He continues, "The most important thing is that we are handcrafting high-quality instruments. To continue to do that the decision was made to suspend mandolin production."

    Now this does not mean that there are not going to be mandolins offered by Breedlove. "We are thrilled to be able to offer the new additions to the Crossover series launching at Winter NAMM," says Tom Bedell, Breedlove Brand Manager. "We have been working very hard with our manufacturers designing Breedlove style mandolins that fit within our innovative building styles. These instruments are not just stunning to look at — they sound great too, and we can't wait to share them with you."

    Breedlove will continue to expand its line of mandolins manufactured overseas with additional models launching at Summer NAMM. All selling between $499 and $999 MAP, all solid wood, and of course the most comfortable mandolins to play for the cross over musician.

    Breedlove mandolins redefined the category for multiple instrument players with innovation in ease of play, style and, most importantly sound. The Breedlove mandolins are incredible in their innovation. Be sure to check out the revamped Breedlove website in December to see the new models.

    About Breedlove Stringed Instruments

    Since 1990, Breedlove has been a passionate and innovative builder of remarkable stringed instruments, spurred by a desire to challenge convention and build the instruments of tomorrow. Breedlove’s master craftsmen craft acoustic instruments for artists seeking self-expression and liberation through music, but make no mistake: Breedlove’s world-class craftsmen don’t just build instruments, they design distinctively crafted sound. Visit us at http://www.breedlovesound.com.
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    1. Isaac Revard's Avatar
      Isaac Revard -
      It's going to be interesting to see what sort of new mandolins they are making. Sad but rather intriguing also.
    1. colorado_al's Avatar
      colorado_al -
      Sounds like they are going to be producing new models instead of moving their existing models into Chinese production. And selling at MSRP of below $1000. Could be interesting, but we'll have to wait and see how they compare to Eastman and Kentucky.
    1. lloving's Avatar
      lloving -
      Breedlove, Bedell, Weber....2 Old Hippies, how does this all shake out?
    1. George R. Lane's Avatar
      George R. Lane -
      Read Post #20 in this thread.

    1. BryanS's Avatar
      BryanS -
      Are staff in the US being downsized because of the shift to more overseas production?