• New Instructional Video from Scott Napier - Mandolin Original

    Mandolin Original is a new instructional video from Scott Napier, a faculty member of the Kentucky School of Bluegrass & Traditional Music and member of the long running, popular bluegrass band Lost and Found.

    Scott Napier, mandolinist for bluegrass band favorite Lost & Found has announced the release of his hour-long instruction video entitled Mandolin Original.

    A professional mandolin player with two decades of touring experience, Napier's one-hour long instructional video breaks down his original tunes with multiple screen shots showing right and left hand techniques. Tunes are presented as both fast and slow examples.

    About the project Scott told us, "My goal with this DVD was to shed light on the composing side of things and letting out my own true voice on the mandolin. It seems that over twenty years of being a professional mandolinist I've been mostly known for covering other mandolin players styles such as my original mandolin hero Dempsey Young.

    "I feel that it's time to start letting out what's within me musically as well. I hope that in the process of learning some of my own tunes and to hear about what inspired them and how the right couple of notes can bring forth the right chord and then a strong melody, buyers of this DVD will in turn be moved to compose their own tunes and find their own genuine voice on the mandolin."

    Tunes Sections

    • Around The Carousel
    • Parkway Blues
    • Roadside Waltz
    • Traveler's Rest
    • Young One
    • Shanksmare


    To order, send email to Scott. Payments accepted via PayPal to the same address or contact him through his Facebook page below. Or send payment to:

    Scott Napier
    PO Box 443
    Clay City, KY 40312

    DVDs are $25 + $2 shipping. The DVD with the CD All Out Front can be included for a total of $40, free shipping.

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