• The Mandolin Style of Jesse Brock

    The Mandolin Style of Jesse Brock
    Nick DiSebastian has announced the release of his newest book, The Mandolin Style of Jesse Brock, 15 transcriptions of Brock's playing throughout a career that already includes his being twice named IBMA's Mandolin Player of the Year.

    Each tune is set in standard notation, tablature, chords and includes Jesse's personal notes.

    Asked about the transcriptions, Jesse Brock said, "When Nick came to me with this project I was excited! With the age group of mandolinists always broadening, it doesn’t surprise me that people are in search of a wealth of knowledge for different mandolin styles.

    "Melody is very important to me. My big influences are Nate Bray, Dempsey Young, Doyle Lawson, Jimmy Geadreau and David McGlaughlin. I often ask myself 'If I wasn't playing, how would I sing it?' I have fun with it. When the mandolin is in my hand I open up and feel like I can express myself. I take on a whole new personality. I'm excited to be able to contribute my playing, through this book, to the world of mandolinists!"

    "Jesse has been one of my favorite mandolinists since I first started listening to bluegrass as a teenager," Nick DiSebastian told us. "We met a few years ago at a festival and stayed in touch ever since. Most of the transcribing I do involves one-time jobs for various customers but I also work on bigger projects, like this one. With Jesse winning the IBMA mandolin player of the year award for the second time this year I thought it would be great to take a deep look into his playing and be able to offer it to other mandolinists.

    D'Addario and the Mandolin Cafe will co-host a giveaway of the book in the near future with D'Addario mandolin related products being a part of the package awarded to the winning entries.

    Book Contents

    • Index
    • Introduction
    • About the Recordings
    • Key
    • Kickin' Grass
    • Home Sweet Home
    • Maury River Blues
    • Lil' Ben
    • Maine Line
    • Lost Indian
    • Kickin' Back
    • Dance Around Molly
    • Two O'Clock in the Morning
    • The Chair
    • A Grandmother's Love
    • Sally Goodin
    • Whiskey Before Breakfast
    • Billy in the Lowground
    • Salt Creek
    • About the Author

    Sample page from the book, Dance Around Molly. Click the image below to download (PDF document).

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