• Introducing the ZETA JM25 Mandolin

    Introducing the ZETA JM25 Mandolin

    Belgrade, Mont. — Zeta Violins, a company known for progressive acoustic and electric violins announces the launch of the ZETA JM25 Mandolin.

    ZETA's new Jazz Fusion 5-string mandolin features discreet polyphonic signals providing a digital MIDI-capable output, along with a standard 1/4" true analog out.

    ZETA's MIDI connection is fully compatible with Roland's GR-55 Synth unit, providing access via USB into piano synths and/or computer for transcribing music notation, recording, etc., basically any DAW (digital audio workstation) functions the player desires to work with.

    About the company's newest addition, owner Steve Carlson told us, "Our unique design represents the total 'ZETAfication' of the traditional Florentine mandolin styling. A state-of-the-art digital MIDI-capable electric mandolin, ZETA's Jazz Fusion model brings together the best of semi-hollow body design and high-tech electronic MIDI capability."

    Price range from $3,440 w/case included. Custom woods and finish available. 4, 5 & 6-string models from ZETA Violins.

    Introducing the ZETA JM25 Mandolin

    Introducing the ZETA JM25 Mandolin

    Introducing the ZETA JM25 Mandolin

    Introducing the ZETA JM25 Mandolin

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    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      We neglected to include part of the news release above but on second thought decided to add it here:

      ZETA's Mandolin Bridge:

      The bridge support “fingers” of the mandolin pickup dedicate dual piezo elements to each individual string. Responding to the flex of the pickup “finger” rather than the vibration sensitivity common to most piezo and transducer pickup systems, the Strados Series pickup system is able to respond with a true electric-acoustic string tone that is resistant to the sound vibrations that cause feedback at high volume levels. The special black composite construction of the Strados bridge pickup (made by ZETA) allows for maximum string sensitivity and pickup gain, resulting in a beautiful electric-acoustic tone with warmth and clarity even at high amplification levels.

      ZETA’s proprietary internal active preamp system increases the power of the pickup signal from each individual string, leading to separate internal gain controls to provide for even string balance. This state-of-the-art system delivers a wide range of amplification flexibility, supporting a variety of tonal characteristics adaptable to diverse playing techniques and styles of music. An internal 9-volt battery provides over 1,000 hours of service on average.

      Individual string digital outputs allow the use of each string as a separate MIDI channel. Players can access software notation programs and MIDI applications, using the output from the Strados pickup to run to the GR-55 MIDI controller. Whether used as an analog pickup or a digital MIDI pickup in conjunction with a MIDI Controller/Synthesizer, the Strados pickup system provides clarity of string tone without feedback.
    1. Glassweb's Avatar
      Glassweb -
      Oy Vey!
    1. Marcolin's Avatar
      Marcolin -
      Whoa! Steve Carlson's back to making mandolins? I hope I can see one of these new 5 strings in person.
    1. Dale Ludewig's Avatar
      Dale Ludewig -
      Pardon me while I wipe the drool off my chin.
    1. billhay4's Avatar
      billhay4 -
      This is a very nice blend of creative design work and advanced electronics. Great sounding and looking instrument.
    1. VernBrekke's Avatar
      VernBrekke -
      It's great to see this finished mandolin from Zeta. I had seen and heard a prototype, when talking to Steve about bridges, but the finished instrument is very striking and beautiful.

      Of course, it's also nice that Steve chose to use my new/updated Brekke bridge design as the base for his Strados saddle/pickup system.

      Vern Brekke
      Bridger Products
    1. mrmando's Avatar
      mrmando -
      Well, I have a Zeta MIDI interface gathering dust in a box somewhere ... this instrument could be just the thing for composing if I can get my software to play nice with it.

      The price point and nontraditional design make this a niche instrument that will sell only in small amounts. The truth is, mandolinists will drop eight grand on an acoustic F-style and then get shirty over spending more than $300 on an electric.
    1. Chief's Avatar
      Chief -
      Very cool, but I agree the price puts it out of most people's reach. You can get a very nice e mando for in the neighborhood of $1000. And some decent ones for less than that. I guess if money is no object.
    1. PJ Doland's Avatar
      PJ Doland -
      I wish they would offer a (much less expensive) solidbody model with the same electronics.

      The headstock is particularly sexy.
    1. darrylicshon's Avatar
      darrylicshon -
      The price keeps it out of my reach.only way would be buying the bridge and putting it on another emando. But i would love to play and own one , i like the look.
    1. darylcrisp's Avatar
      darylcrisp -
      Wow, just wow!

      love the looks and the sound is great.

      i'm total naive about this type of mando. a few questions:
      1)do you use the same tuning for strings 1-4 as you would total acoustic mandolin?
      2)what is the 5th string tuned at?
      3)i assume the string pressure is much easier to play, versus a regular acoustic mandolin?
      4)i assume if not plugged in, it would be quiet? much like an electric guitar not plugged in?

      man, the sounds he was getting out of this, its like the stratocastor of the mandolin world.

      thanks for the answers folks-brand new to this side
    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
      1 & 2. The 5th string would be a C, like the bottom string of a mandola. The top 4 would be regular mandolin tuning. So CGDAE.

      I would assume less tension with only a single string. Not sure about 4.
    1. Stephen Cagle's Avatar
      Stephen Cagle -
      Man that's ugly!!!! If Steve built it I'm sure it sounds good though 😂👍
    1. Barry Wilson's Avatar
      Barry Wilson -
      I don't find the price that bad for what you get and I like midi blending with my guitars. The Gr 55 is as much money as the mandolin. I am quite drawn to this as it would solve bringing mandolin and mandola. Throw and octaver on and you have om and mandocello :D
    1. Jeff Hildreth's Avatar
      Jeff Hildreth -
      "Man that's ugly!!!!"

      A deterrent to purchase.

      It does not appear that "form follows function" was elemental.
    1. Martin Ohrt's Avatar
      Martin Ohrt -
      What a great thing! Sounds and looks very nice.... I wish I had the money.
    1. Bob Clark's Avatar
      Bob Clark -
      While it is certainly an interesting instrument, I have a feeling it is one that individuals will either really like or dislike, with not a lot of middle ground. I'd like to be able to try one out sometime, but it is not an instrument I desire to own. I am really glad to see this innovation, however, and wish them great success.
    1. mandroid's Avatar
      mandroid -
      13 pin Output jack for signal feed to GR55s?

      (+ a mono 1/4" to send a signal to regular amps? )