• Sharon Gilchrist on Facebook Live this Friday at Peghead Nation

    Peghead Nation Hosts Sharon Gilchrist Facebook Live this Friday

    Fairfax, Calif. — Peghead Nation, home of roots music instruction, gear, news and more has announced they will host a Facebook Live event with Sharon Gilchrist this Friday, August 24 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

    This live, streaming video will occur directly on Peghead Nation's Facebook page.

    Peghead Nation's Dan Gable told us, "We will make the event public, and people will be able to see it if they aren't a Facebook member or are not logged in. In case of technical issues on the user's end we'll post the completed video on Peghead Nation after it ends."

    Viewers with questions for Sharon can submit those now at Peghead Nation. While Sharon will likely not have time to address all questions, she will definitely consider everything that gets submitted.

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