• Weber Mandolins Winter NAMM Yellowstone Celebration and Giveaway

    Weber Celebrates New Partnership with D'Addario by Giving Away a Yellowstone Mandolin at the 2019 NAMM Show in conjunction with Mandolin Cafe.

    Weber Mandolins Winter NAMM Yellowstone Celebration and Giveaway

    Bend, Or. — Starting in January 2019, Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments will be celebrating their mandolin string partnership with D'Addario by giving away one of the newly redesigned Yellowstone series, a retail value of $4,999.

    This opportunity to win a brand new Yellowstone F14 Mandolin will occur during a live drawing to take place at the Weber booth #2503, January 27, 2019 at the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.

    Registration for a chance to win will commence from a link on the Mandolin Cafe home page on January 15, 7:00 a.m. Central Time. Registrants will not need to be present at the drawing for a chance to win.

    About the Yellowstone Series

    The Weber Yellowstone has earned a complete face lift with a high gloss Burnt Amber burst and ivoroid top and back binding with black/white/black purfling. The new dovetail neck joint and the hand-voicing of the 3A Sitka spruce tops give the Yellowstone new chops!

    The Weber Yellowstone series is available in mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin and mandocello. You can read in-depth articles about the new dovetail neck joint, hand-voicing, color work and more at the Weber Mandolins web site.

    About the New Weber

    The Weber team of craftsmen left no stone unturned in finding ways to enhance the sound, look and feel of our 2018 selection of Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments. Weber Luthier Ryan Fish invested this last year studying mandolin sound. From Lloyd Loar to current builders, he has compared sound and feel by deflection and profile. Perfecting hand voicing with the assistance of analytical tools, Ryan and our Weber Team of craftsmen have been able to dramatically advance the sound, chop, tone and volume of every Weber mandolin model.

    About D'Addario and Weber Mandolins

    Starting in 2019, all Weber Mandolins will come standard and be set-up in the workshop with D'Addario mandolin strings. The Weber craftsman are excited about this new partnership and matching our finely crafted mandolins with D'Addario's superb string offerings.

    About D'Addario

    D'Addario's first factory was in Lynbrook, New York, and the initial staff consisted of only five employees. As always, it was a real family operation: John, Sr.; John, Jr. and James leading the company's growth and business plans.The research and development arm of D’Addario is one of its strongest assets. Headed by James, the engineering department has accumulated many important manufacturing and product patents in the field.


    The company prides itself on identifying problems in their production and implementing solutions. This includes the work they’ve done on their newest product line additions, such as Evans Drumheads (1995), Planet Waves, an accessory line (1998), HQ Practice Products, drum silencing and silent practice products (2004) and Rico Reeds (2004).

    Additional Information

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    1. MikeZito's Avatar
      MikeZito -
      This is NOT helping to fight off my MAS . . . .
    1. William Smith's Avatar
      William Smith -
      Say if I win and I want can we do an auction here on the café for it and the $ goes to the café or to help those who lost everything in the fires? Not saying I'll be the winner but if so I'd do that as I'm far from mandolin poor!
    1. Jeff Budz's Avatar
      Jeff Budz -
      I would name it “Tomcat”
    1. bwinblad's Avatar
      bwinblad -
      I would love this mandolin!
    1. Zach Wilson's Avatar
      Zach Wilson -
      If lightning strikes twice and I win another Weber (thanks Dennis!!!) I might faint... again.
    1. bobby kiger's Avatar
      bobby kiger -
      Good luck to everyone. I just hope a player actually wins it and not someone entering just because.
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      For hose of you announcing your advance plans on what to do with your winnings, you're at a 1 in 1,000 chance 5 1/2 hours after registration has opened and there's only, oh 12 days left to register.
    1. Kevin Stueve's Avatar
      Kevin Stueve -
      would it be wrong to sell it and use the proceeds to commission a GBOM from Mike Black? :D
    1. Charles E.'s Avatar
      Charles E. -
      To quote Daffy Duck...."Mine...Mine...Mine!"
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Registration in this giveaway has ended. The winner is being selected at the Weber booth at the NAMM Show, announced in the near future.
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Doug F... check your email. The Mandolin Cafe just sent you a note about your being selected as the winning entry out of many thousands! Congratulations!
    1. Doug Freeman's Avatar
      Doug Freeman -
      Woo hoo! Guess I can never say "I never win anything" again!

      Now let's see, F14...that's like 9 better than F5, right?!?

      Many thanks, Scott, and to Mandolin Cafe and Weber Mandolins!

      Totally psyched and looking forward!

    1. Bob Clark's Avatar
      Bob Clark -
      Congratulations Doug! I love it when it is one of us Cafe people who win! WhoooHoooo!
    1. Ryan Fish's Avatar
      Ryan Fish -
      Congratulations Doug!
    1. Eric Hanson's Avatar
      Eric Hanson -
      Congrats Doug!
      I am really looking forward to your review, and hopefully a sound clip, or better yet, a video.
      Enjoy your new Weber!
    1. slimt's Avatar
      slimt -
      Congrats.... That looks like a Very cool mandolin to win...
    1. napochan's Avatar
      napochan -
      Congratulations! Send some Weber-inspired tunes our way...
    1. soliver's Avatar
      soliver -
    1. HonketyHank's Avatar
      HonketyHank -
      All the best to you! I don't know where you've been, my friend, but I see you won first prize.
    1. Timbofood's Avatar
      Timbofood -
      Well, since it wasn’t me, I’m just as happy it was you! Not really but that’s the kind of thing my mother would expect me to say.
      I’m always glad someone who will enjoy something like this wins and not someone who will just put it on a shelf and never play it, congratulations!
      Yes, we. All want a full review in a few weeks after you two get acquainted!