• Django in June

    Django in June

    Northampton, Mass. — Django in June, a celebration of the music of Django Reinhardt and one of the premier gypsy jazz gatherings in North American will be held here June 10-16 on the campus of Smith College.

    Participants will immerse themselves in five days of gypsy jazz workshops, concerts and jamming with world-class artists.

    Instruction tracks include guitar, violin, bass, mandolin, accordion and clarinet. A world class staff awaits participants. Register now!

    About this year's event, camp founder Andrew Lawrence told us, "We now have about 235 people registered for Django Camp 2019, some 150 of which are guitarists with the remainder on violin, accordion, mandolin, winds and bass. We anticipate a student/teacher ratio of roughly 8/1 on mandolin. With two mandolin teachers on staff, we will offer instrument-specific classes at two broad levels of ability. Players who are new to Gypsy jazz are welcome, as are those that are more advanced.

    "Our mandolin instructors include Aaron Weinstein and Isaac Eicher. In the lead department, Aaron will focus primarily on sharing his approach to chord-melody; Isaac will focus more on single note soloing. Both will cover swing rhythm applied to classic gypsy jazz repertoire."

    Since 2007, Django in June's full-immersion offering — Django Camp — has provided an unparalleled opportunity for newcomers and accomplished players alike. The aim is to help musicians of all levels to take both your understanding and your enjoyment of this music to the next level.

    Guitar Faculty

    • Romane
    • Noé Reinhardt
    • Samy Daussat
    • Daniel Givone
    • Julien Cattiaux
    • Martin Gioani
    • Michel Mercier
    • Denis Chang
    • Christine Tassan
    • Brad Brose
    • Sami Arefin
    • Thomas Le Briz
    • Max O’Rourke
    • Lisa Liu
    • Adrian Holovaty
    • Jack Soref
    • Ken Allday
    • Debi Botos

    Violin and Bass Faculty

    • Costel Nitescu - Violin
    • Daniel John Martin - Violin
    • Caroline Bugala - Violin
    • Michel Rosciglione - Bass
    • William Brunard - Bass

    Accordion, Mandolin, Clarinet Faculty

    • Erwan Mellec - Accordion
    • Alicia Baker - Accordion
    • Frank Petrilli - Accordion
    • Isaac Eicher - Mandolin
    • Aaron Weinstein - Mandolin
    • Giacomo Smith - Winds

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    1. Ron McMillan's Avatar
      Ron McMillan -
      Isaac and Aaron would be my dream duo for a mandolin workshop. Maybe I can persuade them to take their workshop on the road and include Chiang Mai, North Thailand, in their itinerary?
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      The great gypsy jazz guitarist Romane is there. I'd go to just sit and watch and listen if I didn't already have a vacation scheduled during that time.