• RESCHEDULED - 7th Annual Jim Richter Mandolin Camp

    7th Annual Jim Richter Mandolin Camp

    NOTE: New dates are September 23-26.

    Bloomington, Ind. — The 7th annual Jim Richter Mandolin Camp for the Rest of Us featuring Mandolin for Dummies and Mandolin Exercises For Dummies author Don Julin will be held July 8-11 at the Grant Street Inn.

    The camp welcomes its 2020 sponsors: Kimble Mandolins, New Riff Distilling, and the Grant Street Inn.

    As always, the camp focuses on non-bluegrass mandolin styles with a special emphasis on rock and blues. Additionally, the camp intends to address "beginner-itis," or the dreaded disease effecting those mandolinists who never seem to move beyond beginner status.

    If your goal is to win the Winfield mandolin contest next year, this may not be the camp for you. If your goal is to learn to better enjoy the instrument we all love and endear, this most definitely will be your 2020 mandolin camp.

    Course Curriculum

    • Blues
    • Rock
    • Jazz
    • Arrangement
    • Basic music theory
    • Technique
    • Practice routines
    • e-Mando
    • Jamming

    As in previous years, attendees will help refine the curriculum by completing a questionnaire that is a part of registration.

    Returning this year will be concurrently held "special topic" classes. For example, while Don Julin is teaching basic music theory, Jim Richter will accept a handful of students for blues arrangement. Or conversely, while Jim is teaching a general class on practice routines, Don will hold a small group on jazz arrangements.

    20 minutes of individual instruction is a standard part of the camp. Given that camp is open to around 20 attendees, we have to limit private instruction to 15 minutes. Individual instruction will be held in the mornings between 9:00 - 11:30 a.m.

    Schedule and Activities

    Returning this year and now an integral part of the camp will be the tasting of fine bourbon and rye whiskeys during the first night of the camp. Our sponsor, New Riff Distilling of Newport, Kentucky, will be featured, though there will be other fine whiskeys from Van Winkle, Weller, Blanton’s, and others.

    Wednesday - Meet and Greet, bourbon tasting (featuring New Riff), and jamming
    Thursday - Individual a.m. sessions, classes noon - 5:00 p.m. followed by jamming
    Friday - Individual a.m. sessions, classes noon - 5:00 p.m. faculty concert at 8:00 p.m. followed by jamming
    Saturday - Individual a.m. sessions, classes noon - 5:00 p.m., student concert at 8:00 p.m. followed by jamming

    Cost: Tuition for the workshop is $320 ($330 if paying via PayPal). This covers camp instruction, printed materials, individual instruction, and the faculty concert. It does not include dining or lodging. Campers are highly encouraged to use our sponsor the Grant Street Inn.

    Additional Information

    7th Annual Jim Richter Mandolin Camp
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    1. Rick Jones's Avatar
      Rick Jones -
      Fantastic news! Both NumberOneWife and I had a blast the other two times we attended. We are both hoping we can make it again this year. And for those who are wondering - NumberOneWife does not play mandolin, but she had a great time exploring Bloomington, enjoyed the venue and accommodations. I can promise you there is no way I could go down there by myself, unless I wanted to come home to an empty house.
    1. Tom Hart's Avatar
      Tom Hart -
      Not having much luck accessing registration, asks for user name and no option to create one.
    1. Bill McCall's Avatar
      Bill McCall -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tom Hart View Post
      Not having much luck accessing registration, asks for user name and no option to create one.
      Different page.
    1. JimRichter's Avatar
      JimRichter -
      Tom, reach out to me directly if problem. jim@jimrichter.com.

      The registration shouldn’t require a log-in
    1. Nashville's Avatar
      Nashville -
      That registration link is hard to find. @Bill thanks for posting the link. Turns out it's at the very top of JimRichter.com in a dropdown menu to the right of the home page link. The name of this camp is actually a dropdown list with Online Registration as first item.

      Anyway, finally I get to come back to this camp. I was at the 2015 camp when I was just getting my feet wet on the mandolin. Great group of guys and I've wanted to return. So 2020 is a nice round number for it! Rich