• Walker Creek Spring Music Camp Features Joe K. Walsh, Tim Connell, and Richie Brown

    Registration is now open. Early-bird prices are good until March 1.
    Walker Creek Music Camp
    NOTE: This camp has announced it will not occur due to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

    PETALUMA, CALIF. — Joe K. Walsh, Tim Connell, and Richie Brown make up an all-star mandolin team for the Walker Creek Music Camp held April 16-19 on the grounds of the Walker Creek Ranch.

    The Ranch is located in the rolling hills of West Marin County between Petaluma and Tomales Bay, about an hour drive north of San Francisco.

    The camp also plays host to instruction with world class musicians in guitar, banjo, fiddle, dobro, bass and vocals.

    Walker Creek Music Camp is for students of all ages who love to play or sing bluegrass, old-time & swing music with occasional forays into other related styles.

    Small core classes average 8-12 students in each of the morning classes, and a wide array of afternoon elective classes are available that include instrumental, vocal, theory, dancing, jamming know-how, songwriting, repertoire and more.

    It should go without saying, but for those interested, count on lots of jamming until the wee hours!

    Additional special activities include daily yoga classes, on site masseuse, ping pong, a beautiful, peaceful site surrounded by hiking/biking trails, wildlife, and a pond for swimming and canoeing.

    Core Mandolin Classes - Intermediate to Advanced

    • Bluegrass to Newgrass with Joe K. Walsh
    • Swing and Jazz Repertoire with Tim Connell
    • Monroe Style with Richie Brown
    • Group Classes for everyone including Mandolins (advanced beginner to intermediate)
    • Bluegrass Jam Class with Greg Schochet
    • Oldtime Ensemble with Evie Ladin

    Camp Staff

    • Joe K. Walsh - Bluegrass Mandolin
    • Richard - Richie Brown - Monroe Style Mandolin
    • Tim Connell - Swing & Jazz Mandolin
    • Greg Schochet - Beginning Bluegrass Jamming
    • Howard Rains - Rhythm & Oldtime Backup Guitar
    • Evie Ladin - Old Time Ensemble
    • Kathy Barwick - Crosspicking Guitar
    • Bill Evans - bluegrass Banjo
    • Tony Marcus - Swing Rhythm Guitar
    • Leela Grace - Clawhammer Banjo
    • Steve Roy - Bass
    • Ivan Rosenberg - Dobro
    • Nate Lee - Bluegrass Fiddle
    • Luke Abbott - Bluegrass Vocals
    • Tricia Spencer - Oldtime Fiddle
    • Rebecca Stout - Harmony Singing
    • Paul Shelasky - Swing Fiddle
    • Katie Glassman - Swing Vocals

    About The Camp

    Walker Creek Music Camp is in a quiet and beautiful area with an abundance of wildlife and miles of hiking trails. They serve healthy and delicious food, and offer camping as well as various choices of lodging accommodations.

    Registration for the Camp is now open. Call (415) 663-6030 for more information. Early-bird prices are good until March 1.

    Additional Information

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    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      This camp has announced it will not occur due to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Note from the camp directors:

      Walker Creek Virtual Spring Music Camp!
      April 16-19, 2020
      Open to ANYONE who wants to participate!

      Hello, campers! OK, we can't do camp as usual, but we can still offer you a weekend of musical fun and inspiration, if you can get on board with an on-line experience. If you need technical help with that, several people have offered to coach you as needed (it's not that hard! details on the website). As stated above, this is available to all of you, whether or not you were signed up for spring camp.

      Check it out by going to our website - https://www.walkercreekmusiccamp.org/ and on the home page you'll see a link that takes you to the program. Feel free to contact us with any questions (contact info below).