• 4th Annual Marshall Mando Summit Announced

    Marshall Mando Summit

    Marshall, Mich. — Mike Marshall, Caterina Lichtenberg, Elisa Meyer Ferreira & Choro das 3, David Benedict and Don Stiernberg headline The 4rd Annual Marshall Mandolin Summit, a four-day mandolin experience held August 6-9, 2020.

    The weekend will feature personalized instruction as well as once in a lifetime performances from the artists.

    Evening performances and workshops provide a one-of-a-kind experience featuring music, fine foods, community, and musical education led by some of the very best mandolin players in the world in one of the most beautiful and historic settings in the Midwest.

    The concert will take place in historic Franke Center for the Arts in Marshall, built in 1921. This theater only holds 200 people so it will be a rare up-close and intimate concert!


    Registration is now open. Cost for the Marshall Mandolin Summit is $1,299. Activities start midday Thursday, August 6 and end midday on Sunday, August 9. Many last year decided to stay over Sunday night to squeeze a little more out of the weekend.

    Registration includes access to all classes, seminars, meals, and performances, not to mention world class coffee, tea, wine, and other perks! Anyone fully registered can also add an extra person for meals and performances at additional cost.

    Registration to the Marshall Mandolin Summit includes full access to all performances.

    The Marshall Mando Summit receives additional sponsorship and support from the Mandolin Cafe and City of Marshall, Michigan.

    About the Summit

    The Marshall Mandolin Summit is the brainchild of Mike Marshall and Adrian Bagale. After some years of collaborating on mandolin design, having lots of opportunity to hang out and contemplate things over a kitchen counter and a BBQ, the two looked hard over their ethos (food, music, conversation, family, education, travel and adventure to name a few) and decided a gathering was in order!

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    1. Mandophile's Avatar
      Mandophile -
      Take me to the summit! The Vivaldi Double Concerto is magnificent!
    1. Mike Marshall's Avatar
      Mike Marshall -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mandophile View Post
      Take me to the summit! The Vivaldi Double Concerto is magnificent!

      Yes sir!
      We're gearing up for a big time up in my name-sake town of Marshall, Michigan with Adrian Bagale and all the Northfield folks, Caterina, Donnie, Elisa, David and all you fabulous mando lovers.

      We're putting together some amazing classes covering the complete gamut of mandolin mischief. Bluegrass, New Acoustic, Classical, Jazz, Celtic, Old time and Brazilian Choro.

      Then there's the food! The late night Jams! The orchestra! And the Concert with all of us mixing it up. Donnie's bringing his Trio, Western Situation will come and the whole Choro dos Tres family will join us too!

      Not to be missed friends.
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Just announced as cancelled.