• New in Print: Jacob do Bandolim 2 - 2nd Edition

    Jacob do Bandolim 2 - 2nd Edition

    ChoroMusic.com, the worldwide reference in play-along songbooks of Brazilian instrumental music has announced the release of Jacob do Bandolim 2 - 2nd Edition, the newest addition to their series "Classics of the Brazilian Choro - You are the Soloist!"

    The 2nd Edition includes the following improvements:

    • Bass line transcribed in bass clef in all scores.
    • Re recordings of "Eu e Você" and "Vascaíno" in the original keys
    • Changed instrumentation of some tunes to become closer to the respective original

    Each volume of the series features a famous composer, including their main compositions in a digitally-mastered audio CD and a high-quality printed music book with the corresponding C, Bb and Eb scores, as well as interviews, biography, and relevance of the author to the history of Choro.

    Using the CD, listen to the complete stereo tracks (with soloists) for your reference. Tune your instrument (flute, sax, clarinet or mandolin) using the tuning notes, then play along using the accompaniment tracks featuring a leading Choro Ensemble from Brazil.

    Includes CD with 12 songs with soloists, tuning track and 14 playback tracks. Standard notation only. 96 pages, spiral bound. Intended for intermediate/advanced musicians. Suggested retail, $28.00.


    • Biruta - Dirceu Leite (clarinet)
    • Carícia - Bruno Rian (mandolin)
    • Doce de Coco - Julie Koidin (flute)
    • Encantamento - Danilo Brito (mandolin)
    • Eu e Você - Fernando de Oliveira (clarinet)
    • Implicante - Carlos Malta (soprano saxophone)
    • Mágoas - Daniel Dalarossa (flute)
    • Nosso Romance - Danilo Brito (mandolin)
    • Receita de Samba - Franklin da Flauta (flute)
    • Simplicidade - Déo Rian (mandolin)
    • Vascaíno - Mário Sève (soprano saxophone)
    • Sapeca - Daniela Spielmann (tenor saxophone) and Mário Sève (alto saxophone)

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