• Florian Klaus Rumpf's A Mandocello's Yearbook Launches

    A Mandocello's Yearbook - Florian Klaus Rumpf

    HAMBURG, GERMANY — On the heels of his successful A Year with Calace, Florian Klaus Rumpf follows up with A Mandocello's Yearbook, quietly launched August 1 on a subscription base from the popular European based crowdsourcing site Ko-fi.

    "The idea behind A Mandocello's Yearbook is to expand the repertoire for 8- and 10-string mandoloncello as a solo instrument by constantly collecting arrangements and original compositions," Rumpf told us.

    Individual chapters of the book under way contain one piece in standard notation and tablature, information about composers, about the piece itself and the technical execution. Arrangements for the 8- string mandocello have been added to compositions for 10-string mandocello, also called liuto cantabile.

    Individual chapters are available for 3€ (Euro, about $3.60 U.S. by current rates) on Ko-fi. There is only one chapter per month. In order not to miss any, join in supporting the project monthly and you will received new material to practice every month. When the book is finished, print copies will be available for purchase through his web site.

    "But if you have collected at least 8 chapters via Ko-fi at the end, you will receive a printed
    copy free of charge and free of shipping costs," Rumpf added. I'm writing this book for and with the mandolin community, so tips, requests, suggestions and corrections in language and spelling while the finished project is under way are always welcome," he added.

    About the Author

    Florian Klaus Rumpf decided to put the mandolin at the center of his life from the age
    of seven. He studied with Professor Caterina Lichtenberg, Valerij Kisseljow, and Silke Lisko at
    the Wuppertal campus of the Academy for Music and Dance in Cologne (Hochschule für
    Musik und Tanz Köln).

    His work is focused on the entire spectrum of mandolin instruments, from baroque mandolins
    through to the octave mandolin and the liuto cantabile. He takes particular care to highlight
    the diversity of this family of instruments. Florian Klaus Rumpf works with composers,
    composes pieces himself, researches and arranges in order to ensure that the literature for
    this array of instruments is constantly expanding. In 2017, he founded his own music publisher
    and label.

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    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      I thoroughly enjoyed both pieces; that No. 9 'Allegro' from Opus 57, and Minimalism Game -beautifully played. 10 string 'cello?
    1. Jim Imhoff's Avatar
      Jim Imhoff -
      When I proposed a mandocello workshop at the CMSA convention a few years ago, people told me there was no music for mandocello, only transcriptions. Mandocello was largely thought of as providing an orchestral part or quartet cello "substitute."
      I found several composers to the contrary who offered their solo mandocello works for the workshop. Since then August Watters has published his excellent Progressive Melodies for Mandocello, CMSA saw 25 mandocellos at the 2019 convention, and Fabio Giuduce will return for the 2020 virtual convention's mandocello workshop.
      This new publication by Florian Klaus Rumpf will keep the repertoire growing in depth and breadth, and elevate the artistic and musical possibilities for this wonderful instrument. I'm signing up, Klaus, just hope my late-in-life-beginner skills are up to the challenge. THANK YOU so much!
      Dr. James S Imhoff
      Boston University Music Education Department
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Some good news for Florian on his Calace project on his Instagram today:

      Yesterday I cracked my second funding goal with my project “A Year with Raffaele Calace”. The next goal is to finance the suitcase that I load with music stands, CDs, sheet music, instrument stands, etc. at concerts.

      I am very happy about so many people who support my project and me. 🤗