• Mandolins and Beer Livestream Episode Set for Sept. 26

    NASHVILLE — Mandolins and Beer podcast has announced plans for their first Livestream event to be held in Nashville on Sept. 26 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and will feature Dominick Leslie, Casey Campbell, Thomas Cassell and host Daniel Patrick.

    The episode will be a multi high-definition camera / studio sound and will feature a set list of tunes by some favorite mandolin players and discussion. This will be a ticketed Facebook stream. The recommended donation is $10. However, if you have been affected by the pandemic and cannot afford to do so, any amount will be accepted. If you can afford a little more to help out some out of work mandolin players, that will also be gratefully accepted.

    Livestream sponsors include the Mandolin Cafe, Peghead Nation and Carter Vintage Guitars. In addition to their financial support, Peghead Nation will be giving away a one-year subscription to one of their courses! ($200 value) during the podcast. Carter Vintage Guitars will be giving away Carter Vintage hats, shirts and one autographed copy of Walter's incredible new book.

    To receive an emailed link to the event, visit the link below to make a donation.

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      Here's the YouTube archive for this Livestream.