• Florian Klaus Rumpf's A Year with the Classics Launches

    Florian Klaus Rumpf's A Year with the Classics Launches

    HAMBURG, GERMANY — Following his publications A Year with Calace and A Mandocello's Yearbook, Florian Klaus Rumpf has announced the launch of A Year with the Classics for mandolin.

    The project presents variations by classical mandolinists Pietro Denis, Gabriele Leone, Giovanni Battista Gervasio and Antonio Riggieri and provides a guide for practicing. Every variation is inspected closely. Historical sources and their transfer to the present day and suggestions for the practice process and ideas for interpretation are all presented.

    In order to make the project accessible to the broadest possible audience, each lesson is available in a German and an English version. In addition to the standard notation, tablature is provided.

    The individual lessons are now only available for 3€ on the crowd sourcing site Ko-fi. There is only one lesson per month. In order not to miss a lesson, support the author on Ko-fi monthly and you will receive new material to practice every month.

    If you miss the start of the project or you are missing a lesson, it can be purchased through the project shop for €4.

    When the book is finished, it will be published through the author's publishing company and ordered via his web site. If you collect 8 lessons or more, you will receive the book for free after completion. Lessons bought in the shop count towards the 8 lessons for the full book.

    About the Author

    Florian Klaus Rumpf decided to put the mandolin at the center of his life from the age
    of seven. He studied with Professor Caterina Lichtenberg, Valerij Kisseljow, and Silke Lisko at
    the Wuppertal campus of the Academy for Music and Dance in Cologne (Hochschule für
    Musik und Tanz Köln).

    His work is focused on the entire spectrum of mandolin instruments, from baroque mandolins
    through to the octave mandolin and the liuto cantabile. He takes particular care to highlight
    the diversity of this family of instruments. Florian Klaus Rumpf works with composers,
    composes pieces himself, researches and arranges in order to ensure that the literature for
    this array of instruments is constantly expanding. In 2017, he founded his own music publisher
    and label.

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    1. Jim Imhoff's Avatar
      Jim Imhoff -
      Florian, I told people about your Mandocello Yearbook project at the CMSA Mandocello Hangout. You told me that would be coming out next year because of copyright restrictions, so I could not offer my colleagues any actual music. Is something for mandocello available now? The interest is there, and people are already asking me about "more."
      Jim Imhoff
      CMSA MAndocello
      Oregon Mandolin Orchestra
    1. Tim Logan's Avatar
      Tim Logan -
      Florian is pretty awesome. The books he is creating are excellent, excellent pedagogical works. Very unique. And the music is fun!!!
    1. fkrumpf's Avatar
      fkrumpf -
      Hi Jim,
      I am excited that there are so many who are interested in the mandocello. So far I can only offer "A Mandocello's Yearbook" and the one edition of the 16th Preludio for liuto by Calace. The Preludio will also be part of the Yearbook next month with an arrangement for mandocello.
      If enough people are interested in the Yearbook, I can imagine that I will continue the project after the year. But I'll decide that in the middle of 2021.
    1. Jim Imhoff's Avatar
      Jim Imhoff -
      I assure you there are people interested. I look forward to seeing the music in the Yearbook, but--as I explained in my email to you--I am still confused about the current availability of actual music. If you have copy, I have people!
    1. fkrumpf's Avatar
      fkrumpf -
      Small samples are posted on the projects' websites for each of the lessons and chapters in my projects.

      "A Year with Raffaele Calace" - https://ko-fi.com/fkrumpf1
      "A Mandocello's Yearbook" - https://ko-fi.com/fkrumpf2
      "A Year with the Classics" - https://ko-fi.com/fkrumpf3