• The Meadow Mouse & The Mandolin - a Children's Musical eBook

    The Meadow Mouse & The Mandolin

    The Meadow Mouse & The Mandolin, A Children's Musical eBook with music by Annette Siegel will be published Nov. 21 on Apple Books.

    The book features Isabella, a meadow mouse that seemed happy to just gather food for the winter when she hears an incredible sound that sends her on a journey to discover where it came from and tries to recreate it by learning to play the mandolin. "You start with a spark of desire, and then bit-by-bit, with a little practice everyday, your brain joins a connection in your heart to play what you feel inside a moment."

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    1. Annette Siegel's Avatar
      Annette Siegel -
      Hello Mandolin Cafe folks,

      In the spirit of the Holiday Season I'd like to offer some free download codes (this weekend only) to the mandolin community for my new Children's Musical ebook. They are good for a one time use and will expire 12/13. Good while supplies last. Reply to this post or send me a PM for code.

      Link to book - https://books.apple.com/us/book/the-...n/id1540143149

      AND here's how to redeem them -

      How to redeem codes on desktop

      On Apple Books on desktop, click Redeem under Quick Links.
      Enter the code and click Redeem.

      The book should appear in your library shortly.

      How to redeem promo codes on iOS

      Within Apple Books, go to your account.
      Tap Redeem Gift Card or Code.
      Tap “You can also enter your code manually.”
      Enter the code and tap Redeem found in the top right corner of your screen.

      The book should appear in your library shortly.

      So very grateful for reviews/star ratings too!

      Holiday & healthy wishes to all,