• New Music from Mario Poletti - One Man One Mandolin

    Mario Poletti - One Man One Mandolin

    CARMAGNOLA, ITALYOne Man One Mandolin is the title of a new, truly solo release, from Italy based musician Mario Poletti. On the recording, Poletti plays acoustic and electric mandolins, electric mandola, and adds hand clapping, foot tapping and finger snapping to the mix.

    On the recording Poletti tackles familiar popular jazz standards and mixes in a few pop tunes and two original compositions.


    From the album, the opening track "Autumn Leaves."

    Track Listing

    • Autumn Leaves
    • Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
    • Garota de Ipanema
    • Noise #1
    • Billie's Bounce
    • My Foolish Heart
    • Sir Duke
    • Noise #2
    • Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    • Blue Monk
    • Time After Time
    • St. Louis Blues

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    1. Michael Romkey's Avatar
      Michael Romkey -
      Very cool. I did your vision. Great version of Minor Swing on your YouTube page, BTW.