• New Seasonal Suites for Mandocello and Octave Mandolin by John Goodin

    Seasonal Suites for Mandocello and Seasonal Suites for Octave Mandolin are two new publications by John Goodin, a collection of four sets of tunes.

    All of the pieces in the collection were arranged with larger mandolin family instruments in mind. The longer scale lengths and deeper resonance of the mandocello and octave mandolin provide both challenges and opportunities. Sample recordings of this music can be found at the author's blog "So Many Tunes." Currently, the first two suites can also be streamed as albums at his Bandcamp page.

    The music for Octave Mandolin (or "Mandola in G") is treble clef (sounding an octave down) and the music for Mandocello is bass clef. At this time the collection is only available in PDF format.


    From the collection, the track "Auburn."


    Winter Suite, February 2019

    1. Walking Tune
    2. Hornpipe
    3. Saraband
    4. Reel
    5. Air
    6. Jig

    Spring Suite, May 2019

    1. Vernal Signs
    2. New Growth
    3. The Little Flowers
    4. The Cultivator
    5. Full Bloom

    Summer Suite, August 2020

    1. Queen Anne's Lace
    2. The Morning Glory
    3. Dame’s Rocket
    4. The Sunflower
    5. Prince’s Feather

    Autumn Suite, November 2020

    1. Amber
    2. Russet
    3. Golden
    4. Scarlet
    5. Auburn

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