• New in Print and eBook - Mandolin Picking Tunes - Early Music Gems by Dix Bruce

    Mandolin Picking Tunes - Early Music Gems by Dix Bruce

    FENTON, MO.Mandolin Picking Tunes: Early Music Gems by Dix Bruce is a collection of 34 wonderful songs from the 1200s to the 1600s especially arranged for intermediate and advanced mandolinists.

    The titles span the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras and the sounds of the individual songs reflect those years. The music includes standard notation, accompaniment chords, and tablature. Includes access to online audio recordings of each piece for listening and playing along.


    • Andante Lute
    • Branle Double
    • Greensleeves
    • Gavotte
    • Saltarello
    • Kempís Jig
    • Canarios
    • Ballade Lute
    • Wilsonís Wilde
    • The Bear Dance
    • Spagnoletta
    • Guardeme las Vacas
    • Adoro Devote
    • Alman
    • La Folias
    • To Drive the Cold Winter Away
    • Pastourelle
    • Childgrove
    • Allegro Lute
    • St. Martins
    • Moderato Lute
    • Come with Me, My Giselle
    • O Esca Viatorum
    • Volte
    • Tutte Venite Armati
    • Grimstock
    • Dont vient cela
    • Fortune My Foe
    • An Italian Rant
    • On the Cold Ground
    • Rendez Ń Dieu
    • Si Pour tíAymer
    • Packingtonís Pound
    • Chestnut

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    1. Pittsburgh Bill's Avatar
      Pittsburgh Bill -
      I have a few books by Dix Bruce that have been well prepared. BUT: The music content is of music that I was never familiar with. Tunes like Soldiers Joy. I now know that tune since being exposed to other players that actually knew it from God knows where. Never any thing I heard on the radio in my 70 years.
      I am going to try this book and will undoubtedly be exposed to more music I am not familiar with. I would very much like to find a Dix Bruce book with music I have been exposed.
      Just my humble opinion and perhaps my lack of culture is now exposed for the world to see.
    1. Mandomike45's Avatar
      Mandomike45 -
      It is certainly more fun (and easier) to play tunes that are familiar, but I recommend you learn the tunes that other players know. Mandolin playing is a very social thing -- and playing with others requires learning a repertoire. Soldiers Joy may not get radio play, but it is a jam standard -- I'll bet those other Dix Bruce books have many others.

      Of course, I don't think you should limit yourself to just jam standards -- I have learned quite a few that I'm unlikely to play with anyone else, and I don't regret it. But you are shortchanging yourself if you don't get out and play with people.
    1. Pittsburgh Bill's Avatar
      Pittsburgh Bill -
      Mandolins Mike. Thanks
      During non-COVID times I play out a lot. We usually play 40s / 50s country honkey tonk with some country rock thrown in. I go to a jam session twice a month when we are in Florida. Quite a mix of music but no Soldiers Joy. They say just one rule, “no House of the Rising Sun and no Wagon Wheel allowed “.
      I first saw Soldiers Joy in Dix Bruce’s book. Never met people that knew it until I went to the Green Mountain Bluegrass and Roots Festival and then a few more people that knew it at a Billy Strings concert in WV.