• Acoustic Disc Launches Acoustic Encounters Podcast with Danny Barnes & David Grisman

    Acoustic Disc Launches Acoustic Encounters with Danny Barnes & David Grisman

    PORT TOWNSEND, WASH. — Acoustic Disc has announced Acoustic Encounters, a new audio podcast with Danny Barnes & David Grisman recorded in the Acoustic Disc studios.

    Each episode will feature conversations and music about and from their various releases over the past three decades (and counting).

    Episode one includes Dawg & Danny discussing Ralph Rinzler, David Grisman's guru. Ralph was an amazing musician, folklorist and neighbor who mentored David during his formative years in Passaic, NJ. Included are tracks featuring Ralph’s mandolin playing that inspired Dawg, and their only recording together on Grisman's Life of Sorrow.

    To celebrate the launch, Grisman's 2003 Life of Sorrow, no longer available in CD format, has been re-released in Hi-Definition (24-bit, 96 kHz) as download version. Samples from the recording are available at the page where it is hosted for sale at Acoustic Disc.

    David Grisman - Life of Sorrow

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    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      A snippet from the podcast:

    1. Glassweb's Avatar
      Glassweb -
      A MUST listen is David and Danny talking about David's time spent with Ralph Rinzler. Among some other wonderful things you'll get to hear in this episode is Doc Watson (yep... Doc himself) absolutely tearing up the mandolin on a live instrumental medley. Shoot, I didn't even know Doc Watson played mandolin much less play it that well. And of course you'll get to hear Ralph's superb and unique mandolin stylings as well. There is a bunch of great stuff in this podcast... give a listen boys and girls!
    1. Paul Cowham's Avatar
      Paul Cowham -
      I stumbled on the podcasts on Dawg's website today, and am really enjoying listening to them (currently half-way through the second). I completely agree that the Ralph Rinzler one is really special, containing many recordings which presumably have never been made public before, and talking about the folk music revival in New York and more generally David's early music days.

      I'm also enjoying the Dawg 90 one, really interesting to hear about the formation of acoustic disc, although hearing tracks from the album, is less revelatory for me personally as I have the album (and love it). Still fascinating to hear about the stories behind the music.

      Looking forward to listening to the Garcia/Grisman one

      Thanks Dawg
    1. keith.rogers's Avatar
      keith.rogers -
      I've listened to the first 2 (good while on the stationary bike ). Really good, and filled with great background information.
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Episode Four of this podcast has just been released and features Jacob do Bandolim. Listening, it's great!

    1. CBFrench's Avatar
      CBFrench -
      I've listened to all 4 and they're masterpieces in music and Grisman had some great stories to tell...