• KFC and Elixir Enhanced Strings with CBD/THC Coating Announced

    Rave reviews from music community and industry insiders, dubbed "Finger Lickin' Good" by users.

    KFC and Elixir Extended Strings with CBD/THC Coatings Announced
    Elixir Enhanced Mandolin Strings with THC

    LOUSVILLE, KY. — KFC (formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken) and Elixir Strings have announced a joint venture and availability of a new line of Elixir Enhanced CBD and THC coated strings for mandolin, guitar and banjo.

    Winner of the prestigious 2021 Virtual NAMM Show Product of the Year, Elixir Enhanced combines award winning strings with KFC's closely guarded, proprietary coating technology, a first for the music industry.

    An Elixir spokesperson told us, "Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabinoids have been examined in new light the past few years. While commonly associated with recreational and medicinal use, little attention has been paid to its potential in commercial and industrial manufacturing. You might say this technological breakthrough is an Original Recipe for strings!

    "Extensive testing shows clear, improved performance and playability of these new strings. Of special interest, musicians with repetitive motion complications report dramatic relief from joint pain and arthritis. And, in the case of THC coated strings, it makes playing music a lot more fun!"

    To celebrate the launch, customers are encouraged to take advantage of a special promotion starting Friday, April 2. With the purchase of a three-pack of Enhanced strings, receive a coupon good for $5.00 off any KFC Bucket Meal.

    Check state and local laws for usage restrictions and legality before purchasing.

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    KFC and Elixir Extended Strings with CBD/THC Coatings Announced
    Elixir Enhanced Mandolin Strings with CBD
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    1. Eric C.'s Avatar
      Eric C. -
      Been waiting 364 days for this!
    1. MandoMan1's Avatar
      MandoMan1 -
    1. Joe Welna's Avatar
      Joe Welna -
    1. Scotter's Avatar
      Scotter -
      I was lucky enough to get a set of their prototype LSD enhanced strings for review but I don't really remember the experience except for brief flashbacks every now and then.
    1. MontanaMatt's Avatar
      MontanaMatt -
      That’s where my pile of used strings went!
    1. Skip Kelley's Avatar
      Skip Kelley -
      Now, that's funny!
    1. Scott Rucker's Avatar
      Scott Rucker -
      Great one! Thanks!
    1. A-board's Avatar
      A-board -
      Best results when playing hot licks, make ‘em smoke
    1. Michael Romkey's Avatar
      Michael Romkey -
      OK, ya got me. For about 20 seconds. Good one. : )
    1. mandolinfox's Avatar
      mandolinfox -
      Can't wait to try a set and play Dark Star/China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider - the three hour version !
    1. BrianWilliam's Avatar
      BrianWilliam -
    1. JEStanek's Avatar
      JEStanek -
      So much better than the Hemp and Bronze strings by a competitor.

    1. KCNelson's Avatar
      KCNelson -
      All I can say is, "It's about time."
    1. frecky's Avatar
      frecky -
      Do they make a light, non wound, original recipe, sativa string set ?
    1. farmerjones's Avatar
      farmerjones -
      Harlan Sanders Signature series? "Like, wow man!"
    1. Dave Hicks's Avatar
      Dave Hicks -
      Earlier, I was worried that the Cafe was off its feed, but now all is right in this foolish world.

    1. Lucas's Avatar
      Lucas -
      Is this for real or is it an April Fool's joke?
    1. Matt's Avatar
      Matt -
      A Joint Venture! Groovy
    1. Keith Baumann's Avatar
      Keith Baumann -
      They sent me a set for review, but I wasn't thrilled with the tone, a little dead for my taste. Elixir suggested I try the "Extra Crispy" set.
    1. LKN2MYIS's Avatar
      LKN2MYIS -
      LOVE IT!!!! Best one yet!