• Roots and Boots Music Camp Set for June 23-27 near Flagstaff

    Roots and Boots Music Camp Set for June 23-27 near Flagstaff

    FLAGSTAFF, ARIZ. ‐ Roots and Boots Music Camp, a four day immersion camp rises from the COVID ashes and will be held June 23-27 at Arizona Nordic Village in the majestic San Francisco Peaks. Registration is now open.

    The camp focuses on immersion instruction for banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, upright bass and singing for 2 levels (no beginners). In addition to a strong Bluegrass focus, many exciting and diverse courses are offered in other roots genres including swing, classic country and blues.

    Camp headquarters will be the Arizona Nordic Village, 21 miles north of Flagstaff, at the base of the mighty San Francisco Peaks — elevation 8,000 ft. — a magnificent spot in nature to "woodshed" and hone your musical skills with intensive lessons taught by renowned instructors in a supportive and fun environment.


    • Peter McLaughlin - Guitar
    • Mark Miracle - Mandolin
    • Rebekah Rolland - Singing Immersion and Guitar Accompaniment
    • K.C. Groves - Mandolin
    • Chris Brashear - Fiddle
    • Matt Rolland - Fiddle
    • Mike Shiner - Bass
    • Reno McCormick - Guitar, Fiddle & Banjo
    • Sheila McCormick - Bass
    • Alvin Blaine - Banjo, Guitar, & Accordion
    • Dick Brown - Banjo

    Camp Vision

    The concept behind the camp is to create a supportive "envelope" for learning and playing acoustic music in the beauty of nature where some of the best kind of music is made and from which we can draw inspiration. The immersion concept allows participants to fully focus, have access to our instructors for a deeper experience, and to share this knowledge with your fellow participants for a tribal/family experience. Our desire is that you will come away from the camp with a new set of musical skills, and a deeper sense of love, joy and appreciation for making music.

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      Note: the organizer has stated this is not a virtual camp at the moment but speculated anything is possible. There are a number of camps dipping their toe in the water in this fashion at the moment.