• New Music - David Grisman Quintet First Recordings Live in Dawg's Living Room

    David Grisman Quintet First Recordings Live in Dawg’s Living Room

    PORT TOWNSEND, WA. — Acoustic Disc has announced the release of David Grisman Quintet First Recordings Live in Dawg's Living Room as a download.

    These recently discovered performances are the very first recordings of the David Grisman Quintet, made shortly after Tony Rice's arrival to join the group in October, 1975.

    From the collection's liner notes: "Even though this band had been rehearsing for only a few weeks, the energy and spirit of the music was already very focused and exuberant — a pivotal moment in American string band music and my personal musical journey."

    In addition to the Dawg, the original members of the quintet include Tony Rice on guitar, Darol Anger on violin, Todd Phillips on mandolin and Joseph Carroll on bass. The original tape was transferred to the HD format (24 bit, 96khz), and will be of interest to every fan of this ground-breaking ensemble.

    Available for purchase as a download in MP3, CD Flac or HD Flac.

    Track Listing

    • Dawg's Rag (take 1)
    • Dawg's Bull
    • 16/16
    • O'Banion's Wake
    • Eighth of January
    • Minor Swing
    • Dawg Patch
    • Dawg's Rag (take 2)


    From the recording, "Dawg's Bull."

    Additional Information

    David Grisman Quintet First Recordings Live in Dawg’s Living Room

    David Grisman Quintet First Recordings Live in Dawg’s Living Room
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    1. Denman John's Avatar
      Denman John -
      Looks like Dawg is playing a 3 point oval hole. Might have to give this a listen.

      Thanks for sharing.
    1. cassetteland's Avatar
      cassetteland -
      It would be interesting to know how this was recorded!
    1. journeybear's Avatar
      journeybear -
      Holy wow! This is more than a bit higher up from typical living room jams. I mean, I've been in some pretty good jams with some pretty good pickers, and this leaves them all in the dust. Of course, this isn't a jam, per se, but the comfort and conviviality of playing in a living room contribute to the warmth of the playing. I can't tell which is more thrilling - the discovering of new ways to play ensemble music, or the discovery that this existed, and exists still. It sounds as fresh and revolutionary today as it must have at the time. And to think at the time, 1975, I was in college listening to Supertramp, Be Bop Deluxe, and middle-era Fleetwood Mac (after Peter Green, before Buckingham-Nicks), and thinking I was progressive in my tastes. THIS is progressive music. I can't tell which is more thrilling - the two mandolins playing so fast and clean in unison, or in harmony. Then add in Tony Rice and Darol Anger, and stand back.

      I hardly ever buy recordings brand new - I usually like to hear the "word on the street" and then make up my mind - but I might make an exception this time. This is exceptional music.

      The first time I heard the quintet's album, I was at a Jerry Garcia Band club gig in Berkeley. Before they played, and between sets, the DJ played the album, which was just out. I had only read about it, but not heard it. It took a couple of tunes to figure out that's what was going on. I paid close attention, utterly transfixed. In fact, I remember the album better than the show. And there was enough time before and between for the DJ to play the whole album twice through. Marvelous!

      As to how it was recorded - I'm curious, too. It sounds like just two mikes, and I wouldn't be surprised if they went directly into a cassette deck, that being the current technology. And I imagine this was not meant for any purpose other than to take a listen to what they had going, so soon into the project. But as far as I'm concerned, it's less important how it was recorded than that it was recorded. The wind-up on the sample of "Dawg's Bull," the last twenty seconds - phenomenal! What an extraordinary and extraordinarily fortunate glimpse into a remarkable moment in mandolin history!