• Isaac Eicher Launches Virtual Jazz Mandolin Lessons

    Isaac Eicher

    NASHVILLE, TENN. — Isaac Eicher, two-time national mandolin champion known for his interpretation of jazz, Latin music and other styles, has announced the releases of his online courses for mandolin.

    About the new resource Eicher told us, "This video project was prompted by the pandemic and spending more time teaching than ever before. My students inspired me to create quality learning material that they can really dig in to and study. The first four videos cover two topics. They are Jazz Chords (part 1), Jazz Chords (part 2), Shifting Positions (part 1), and Shifting Positions (part 2). I chose these topics based on what students most frequently ask about, and because they are unique to my style on the mandolin."

    Each video lesson is priced at $30, averages about 30 minutes and is augmented with extensive written materials in PDF format, including chord diagrams, standard notation and tab.

    Sample from Jazz Chords Video

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