• The Luthier's Handbook, 2nd Edition by Roger Siminoff

    The Luthier’s Handbook, 2nd Edition by Rorger Siminoff

    ATASCADERO, CALIF. — Siminoff Books has announced the release of The Luthier's Handbook, 2nd Edition, with a foreword by Lynn Dudenbostel.

    This 2nd edition is an essential guide for the instrument builder, The Luthier's Handbook explores the secrets and science behind making great sounding acoustic stringed instruments. Renowned author Roger Siminoff shares his more than 60 years of luthierie experience.

    This is a completely revised and updated 104-page book with more than 185 color photos and diagrams that focuses on what is behind building great acoustic stringed instruments. Rather than telling HOW to build instruments, this text describes the WHY and provides the necessary background on how the various parts work and couple with each other to produce instruments that sound great.

    The new edition includes a background in musical acoustics, selecting the right woods, soundboards, backboards, bracing and tone bars, bridges, truss rods, tailpieces, finishing, and a primer on tap tuning.

    With limited pre-ordering options, the new edition is currently available from Siminoff Books and Straight Up Strings and eventually from Elderly Instruments, The Luthiers Mercantile and Klingsporís Woodworking online.

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