• Contemporary Chamber Trio 9 Horses Releases its Second Full-Length Album Omegah

    Contemporary Chamber Trio 9 Horses Releases its Second Full-Length Album Omegah

    NEW YORK — Known for their virtuosity and wide-ranging stylistic flexibility, the post-genre band 9 Horses has announced an August 6 release date for its double album Omegah. The album is available for pre-ordering starting today.

    Featuring Joe Brent (mandolin), Sara Caswell (violin), and Andrew Ryan (bass), the band's performance on this album gives listeners the opportunity to experience its organic evolution from its acoustic original duo to today's revered acoustic/electric ensemble.

    What began as a remarkable jazz-meets-new music experiment has blossomed as, along the way, the band shuffled its lineup, grown its musical palette exponentially, and performed in a wide range of configurations including small chamber ensembles, avant-garde synth configurations, and even symphony orchestras. According to Sara Caswell, Omegah reflects 9 Horses's natural progression. "This record is the culmination of years of experimenting with band members, musical timbres, colors and styles. In a way, it portrays our group's entire odyssey."

    Six years in the making, Omegah is the group's second full-length album. The first was the all-acoustic Perfectest Herald (Sunnyside Records) released in 2015.


    From the album, the track "a new machine."

    Track Listing

    • Omegah
    • S7rophe
    • a new machine
    • the grain of the wood of the frame
    • Max Richter's Dreams
    • the water understands
    • all the beautiful Rockwood kids
    • let's just make it me and you


    Performers: 9 Horses: Joe Brent (electric and acoustic mandolin, synths, glockenspiel, MiniMoog), Sara Caswell (violin, hardanger d'amore), Andrew Ryan (double bass, electric bass); Dallin Applebaum (vocals), Damien Bassman (drums), Michael Bellar (Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes and Contempo, Wurlitzer), Mairi Dorman- Phaneuf (cello), Kevin Garcia (drums, percussion), Justin Goldner (electric bass), Nathan Koci (piano), Kristine Kruta (cello), Mark Marshall (acoustic guitar), Nadje Noordhuis (trumpet, flugelhorn), Marco Paguia (piano), Rebecca Pechefsky (harpsichord), Emily Hope Price (cello), Mike Robinson (electric guitar), Ben Russell (violin), Jared Schonig (drums), Nuiko Wadden (harp), Glenn Zaleski (piano).

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    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      For those not familiar with Joe Brent's work, here's an interview we did with him back in 2011. he plays one of the coolest instruments around, a Brian N. Dean Grand Concert Mandolin, and it's a beast. Played it once.
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Congrats to the band. Just received GRAMMY nominations in 4 categories!

      Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
      Best Instrumental Composition
      Best Jazz Instrumental Album
      Best Improvised Jazz Solo
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Congratulations on the new release and phenomenal 4 nominations, Joe!
      Of course it's a 5 star album. Well done, Joe Brent - not to forget Sara Caswell and a host of other top flight musicians.