• New Music from The Harrisburg Mandolin Ensemble - Moonflowers

    The Harrisburg Mandolin Ensemble - Moonflowers

    HARRISBURG, PA. — The Harrisburg Mandolin Ensemble has announced the release of their first recording, an EP entitled Moonflowers.

    The four tracks were produced and recorded by HME mandolinist Kevin Neidig during a hiatus resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Personnel on the recording include Henry Koretzky, mandocello and vocals; Greg Rohrer, mandolin; Kevin Neidig, mandolin, octave mandolin and vocals; and Tom Cook, mandola and vocals.


    From the EP, the track "Moonflowers."

    Track Listing

    • Lost In Your Eyes
    • Miner John
    • Moonflowers
    • River Medley
      • Shenandoah
      • Up the Lazy River
      • Old Man River
      • That River's Taking Care of Me

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    1. Bob Buckingham's Avatar
      Bob Buckingham -
      Sounds mighty fine. Congratulations!