• Acoustic Disc Announces New Releases with David Grisman and Tony Rice and David Grisman Quintet

    The Gasoline Brothers - David Grisman and Tony Rice

    Dawgwood - The David Grisman Quintet

    PORT TOWNSEND, WA. — Acoustic Disc has announced the release of The Gasoline Brothers - David Grisman and Tony Rice, from David's extensive musical collection, and the re-release of Dawgwood, by the David Grisman Quintet.

    The Gasoline Brothers is a treasure trove collection of 15 previously unissued traditional bluegrass tunes and songs featuring Tony Rice and David Grisman. These newly discovered performances, recorded in the 1970s, feature bassist Todd Phillips on all tracks, with banjo innovators Bill Keith (six tracks) and Steve Arkin (nine tracks) and fiddler extraordinaire Richard Greene (six tracks).

    Tony Rice and David Grisman called themselves the "Gasoline Brothers" — their way of referring to the kinetic connection they felt when playing music together, especially at "burning" tempos! The music in this collection of previously unissued traditional bluegrass performances was recorded at two different sessions. The first was a live radio broadcast from their tour of Japan in May, 1976. The band, billed as The Bluegrass Quintet, included Tony and Dawg with Bill Keith on banjo, Richard Greene on fiddle and Todd Phillips on bass. The second session was an informal jam recorded somewhat later in the 1970s in David's living room with Steve Arkin on banjo and Todd Phillips on bass. This collection is available in the sonically superior HD (24 bit, 96 kHz) format. Nearly every tune was recorded in one take and the feeling of spontaneity and energy is palpable!

    Track Listing

    • Old Joe Clark
    • Maybe You Will Change Your Mind
    • Pig in a Pen
    • Fireball Mail Donít Give Your Heart To a Rambler
    • You Don't Know My Mind
    • Salt Creek
    • On and On*
    • Free Born Man
    • Cluck Old Hen
    • Donít Give Your Heart To a Rambler
    • Fretted Frivolity
    • Late Last Night
    • Dusty Miller/Red Haired Boy
    • 'Til the End of the World Rolls 'Round
    • Back Up and Push


    From The Gasoline Brothers, "On and On."

    Dawgwood, released in 1993, features the David Grisman Quintet with David on mandolin, Jim Kerwin on bass, Matt Eakle on flute, Rick Montgomery on guitar and Joe Craven on percussion and violin. The breadth and beauty of this collection, from David's own award-winning dawg music to jazz by Django Reinhardt and Latin by Jacob do Bandolim - make it one of Dawg's most satisfying albums. This Deluxe Edition includes three previously unissued performances ó Andy Statmanís "Flatbush Waltz," Django Reinhardtís "Anouman" and Grisman's own "Janice." This Dawg classic has been re-mastered in High Definition (24 bit, 96 kHz) the sonically superior format.

    Track Listing

    • Dawgwood
    • Dawgmatism
    • Jazzin' (with Joe-Bob)
    • Sea of Cortez
    • Steppin' with Stephane
    • Bolero de Django
    • Assanhado
    • New Dawg's Rag


    From Dawgwood, "Flatbush Waltz."

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    1. mingusb1's Avatar
      mingusb1 -
      Dang, Tony's singing on On and On can not be beat!
    1. KCNelson's Avatar
      KCNelson -
      I love that David always had the record button engaged, even in the living room sessions. What an incredible archive he must have amassed in his lifetime. I imagine he had this forward-thinking vision in the back of his mind that he's now fully realizing by curating these releases.
      So great to hear Tony in his prime, and I'm always up for another version of Flatbush Waltz and Janice, two tunes I love to play.
    1. tree's Avatar
      tree -
      Quote Originally Posted by mingusb1 View Post
      Dang, Tony's singing on On and On can not be beat!
      +100 . . . SO SWEET to hear him so young and so fine - his vocals strike my ear first, but his pickin is in the same awesome category, as is the entire ensemble. I gotta figure out how to make the HD format work on iTunes . . .
    1. bbcee's Avatar
      bbcee -
      Man, I am enjoying the heck out of the GB album!

      @tree, I download the highest quality FLAC, then rerip it in Media Human Converter (Mac) as a high-quality MP3. That way, I always have a "source of truth" that I can also play on my home system, and a pretty darn good iPhone version.
    1. andymando's Avatar
      andymando -
      I download the flac version and then use dbpoweramp to convert to alac and you're ready to import! Tons of ways to do it but this is quick and easy...
    1. lflngpicker's Avatar
      lflngpicker -
      I just love the quality of this singing and picking! Such talent! Thanks for posting information about these albums and providing these tracks.
    1. lflngpicker's Avatar
      lflngpicker -
      David's tone and feel with each stroke of his plectrum on "Flatbush Waltz" is extraordinarily pleasant to hear.