• Mike Compton Revives Unknown Instrumentals on Rare & Fine - Uncommon Tunes of Bill Monroe

    Rare & Fine - Uncommon Tunes of Bill Monroe

    NASHVILLE, TENN. — Set for release on Friday, March 4, Mike Compton and some of Nashville's finest acoustic musicians bring to life a set of 13 rarely heard and unreleased instrumentals by the Father of Bluegrass in a groundbreaking recording entitled Rare & Fine - Uncommon Tunes of Bill Monroe.

    Stunning triple fiddles are contributed by Michael Cleveland, Laura Orshaw and Shad Cobb. Jeremy Stephens plays guitar, Russ Carson plays banjo with Mike Bub on bass. The musicians gathered at the famed Cowboy Arms Hotel & Recordings Spa in Nashville.

    Track Listing

    • The Old Stagecoach
    • Trail of Tears
    • Reelfoot Reel
    • California Forest Fire
    • Galley Nipper
    • Orange Blossom Breakdown
    • Bill's Blues
    • Mississippi River Blues
    • Let's Get Close Together Blues
    • Big Spring
    • Nanook of the North
    • Up in the Front & Out in the Back
    • Jemison Breakdown

    For music collectors and enthusiasts, Mike is offering a limited number of autographed CDs. All pre-order CDs will be shipped March 5. Unsigned copies also available for pre-order.

    A tabbed book with all tunes transcribed in both standard notation and tablature is also available and will be shipped March 5.

    Single debut releases are scheduled for February 18 & 25. A CD release party will be held March 6 at the Station Inn in Nashville, 7:00 p.m door, 8:00p show.

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    1. MandoMan1's Avatar
      MandoMan1 -
      Great job Mike! Looking forward to hearing this!
    1. Glassweb's Avatar
      Glassweb -
      What a badass! Start licking your chops 'cause this is gonna be real good!
    1. sgarrity's Avatar
      sgarrity -
      It is excellent! If you play mandolin you need to hear this album!
    1. Aaron Woods's Avatar
      Aaron Woods -
      Great news! Thanks for putting the work into getting this out there Mike! We all look forward to hearing every note.
    1. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
      Cheryl Watson -
      Well, ANY music recorded by Mike is great, but also transcribed? That is just TOO good.
    1. nick delmore's Avatar
      nick delmore -
      Very cool cover! That in itself sparks so many memories. I've got a bunch of tapes & CD's kicking around that look a lot like that.
    1. danielpatrick's Avatar
      danielpatrick -
      Heading to interview Mike in person for the podcast this Friday! This album is absolutely outstanding!!
    1. Kirk Higgins's Avatar
      Kirk Higgins -
      Just ordered both the cd and transcription.
    1. Scott Rucker's Avatar
      Scott Rucker -
      Very much looking forward to hearing this!
    1. mandotool's Avatar
      mandotool -
      Mike Compton at the helm of a world class bluegrass machine...
      2-1/2 years of waiting for this to get released...
      The long wait is over and you are not going to be disapointed..
    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
      A fabulous recording. I need the book.
    1. John Boyd Mandolins's Avatar
      John Boyd Mandolins -
      Itís Reeeeeel Good! No one but Mike coulda pulled this off!!
    1. danielpatrick's Avatar
      danielpatrick -
      If y’all have any questions about this project for Mike, let me know! Not sure how much time we’ll have….