• New Music from Danilo Brito and Joo Luiz - Esquina de So Paulo

    Danilo Brito and Joo Luiz - Esquina de So Paulo

    Brazilian bandolim master Danilo Brito and Brazilian guitarist Joo Luiz, Director of Chamber Music at CUNY Hunter College in New York City, have announced the release of Esquina de So Paulo ("So Paulo street corner") on Zoho Music, a collection of original compositions and the select works of the legendary Jacob do Bandolim and Pixinguinha.

    About the new recording, Brito told us, "Esquina de So Paulo is my first album with the great guitarist and extraordinary musician Joo Luiz, recorded after our tour in the US. The album has compositions of mine and classics of Brazilian music with arrangements by Joo and I believe it reveals our musical connection. The technique, in this album, is used to express the deepest and most sincere artistic feeling. Interestingly, many listeners said they couldn't categorize it into a specific musical genre. We used rhythms such as Brazilian tango, Brazilian waltz, choro, samba, salsa and classically influenced arrangements, as well as spontaneous improvisation in the recording."

    Track Listing

    • Gargalhada (Pixinguinha)
    • Esquina de Sao Paulo (Danilo Brito)
    • Feia (Jacob do Bandolim)
    • Salsito no Choro (Danilo Brito)
    • Benzinho (Jacob do Bandolim)
    • Primas e Bordoes (Jacob do Bandolim)
    • Despertar da Montanha (Eduardo Souto)
    • Perigoso (Orlando Silveira)
    • Chovia (Danilo Brito)


    From the album, the opening track, "Gargalhada," a composition by Pixinguinha.

    Additional Information

    Danilo Brito and Joo Luiz
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    1. Jim Garber's Avatar
      Jim Garber -
      I was also able to buy it as MP3s from Amazon. I didn't see any way to get downloads from B&N or Danilo's site.
    1. Jeff Hildreth's Avatar
      Jeff Hildreth -
      I bought the CD from Tower.
    1. Alfons's Avatar
      Alfons -
      Got CD from BN.