• Mike Compton Releases First Single, Orange Blossom Breakdown, from new album

    Mike Compton Releases First Single, Orange Blossom Breakdown, from new Album

    NASHVILLE, TENN. — Set for release on Friday, March 4, Mike Compton and some of Nashville's finest acoustic musicians are bringing to life a set of 13 rarely heard and unreleased instrumentals by the Father of Bluegrass in a groundbreaking recording entitled Rare & Fine - Uncommon Tunes of Bill Monroe.

    Today, Compton has released the first single from the recording, Monroe's Orange Blossom Breakdown.

    About the track Compton said, "'Orange Blossom Breakdown' was sourced from a rough sounding tape likely made by a fan off the radio of Monroe playing the Grand Ole Opry in the 1940s. I was drawn to it because I'd never heard him do anything quite like it, and have never heard it since. It's a very unusual arrangement for Monroe. It had to be on the project. Monroe must have been rarin' to go because the tune starts in a New York second after that, off and running about 175bpm. I can't think of one other tune out of all the instrumentals Monroe put together that has the same chord progression as this one, much less the bit of acrobatics on the third part. It's just a good solid breakdown that is deceivingly hard to play for yours truly... but it's not really that much different from the rest of Bill's body of work, come to think of it."

    Musicians on the track include: Mike Compton-mandolin; Michael Cleveland, Laura Orshaw, and Shad Cobb on fiddle; Jeremy Stephens on guitar; Russ Carson on banjo; and Mike Bub on bass.


    Reflecting further, Compton said, "The entire project has been a labor of love dedicated to the memory and legacy of Monroe. Trying to play his music has altered the way I lived my life, and I wanted to give back to him and make sure this music never got lost."

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    1. Glassweb's Avatar
      Glassweb -
      BADASS... 'nuff said!
    1. Skip Kelley's Avatar
      Skip Kelley -
      I canít wait to get this!
    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
    1. Joe Parker's Avatar
      Joe Parker -
      Compton is unequalled in capturing the spirit of Monroe’s music! What a labor of love to bring these tunes out of obscurity for us to enjoy! Mike’s interpretations, his style, and his tone pay homage but , at the same time, are uniquely his own! Bravo!
    1. Fretbear's Avatar
      Fretbear -
      Oh yeah.....
    1. Grindstaff's Avatar
      Grindstaff -
      Wow...great group of musicians. Thanks for this. Fresh and refreshing.
    1. David Lewis's Avatar
      David Lewis -
      It’s fantastic. Best release of the year.
    1. Skip Kelley's Avatar
      Skip Kelley -
      Got my copy in todays mail. It’s going to stay in my CD player for some time.